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The Board of Regents has delegated to the President and the Dean of Administrative & Business Services the authority to contract and procure for the College District. The Board Document states all policies, procedures, and practices for contracting will follow the applicable laws of the United States of America and the State of Texas. The laws are prescribed in the Texas Education Code, Local Government Code, Texas Revised Civil Statutes, Texas Attorney General Opinions, Vernon's Annotated Texas Statutes, and Federal regulations.
The Dean of Administrative & Business Services has responsibility for the direction, performance and accountability of the procurement administration. This office secures the purchase of all supplies, materials, equipment, and construction. The Dean Administrative & Business Services acts as the Purchasing Agent for the College District.
Except as described within this manual, the purchase order has the sole authority to obligate the College's funds. Brazosport College will not assume responsibility for the payment of purchases other than those made according to purchasing procedures.
Purchasing services begin when a user department determines a need for goods or service and ends when that need is met. The Business Office meets the needs of the College in several aspects. These appropriate aspects are cost, quality, quantity, source, delivery, and technical support.
Competitive bids are secured when the cost to obtain goods and services exceeds the bid limitation level.
State law indicates the College has eight methods of procuring goods and services. The most commonly used methods will be the Request for Proposal (RFP) and the Invitation to Bid (ITB).
There is a vast difference between the two bids.
Invitation to Bid
The Invitation to Bid is used when the department knows the type of equipment, goods or services are required. The quantity is a known fact and will not vary during the fiscal year. Costs are usually readily identified before the process begins and can be guaranteed as stated. This method is the predominate method used on the campus to obtain the goods and services required during the fiscal year.
Request for Proposal Procedures
There are several procedures that must be followed when using this method of procurement. The procedures are listed below.
1. Proposals are to be accepted at the advertised date and time. The names of the submittal proposals will be read into record, but will not be opened in front of any attending vendors.
2. The interview team is assembled . It is preferable no more than five be assigned to the interview team. Those involved must complete the entire process. The team will be instructed in the following areas:
a. The interview team will meet on a specified date and time. A timeline will be developed to read and assess the proposals to its final completion.
b. The interview team will read all proposals and formulate questions relative to each proposal that is submitted.
c. The questions will be routed to the Business Office. The questions will be faxed to the appropriate proposer with an appointed time to conduct their interview.
d. Copies will not be made of the proposals. The interview team may keep notes of each interview session, but they will be turned into the Business Office at the conclusion of the interview session. They will be returned when the team meets for the award recommendation.
e. The interview notes will become part of the bid file information. This information is subject to the Open Records Act Request.
f. The interview session will be conducted in closed session with the interview team and the vendor.
g. The information discussed at the interview will not be divulged or discussed outside of the interview wrap up session.
h. Under no circumstances may a vendor be given any information concerning any of the proposals submitted during or after the interview.
i. After all proposers have been interviewed, a wrap up session will be held to award the proposal.
j. The formal recommendation will be routed to the President for approval.
k. Once the formal recommendation has been signed and awarded, the information becomes an open record, and the successful proposer will be notified in writing and a purchase order is issued.
l. The non-awarded proposers will be sent a letter and a tabulation sheet of the award.


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