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Social Styles Series
Individuals seeking to develop interpersonal skills in the workplace through versatility in dealing with a broad range of people and situations.
​Provides skills and information that allows participants to describe differences in interpersonal communication styles. It helps to identify and adapt their personal behavior to improve working relationships with others & the importance of improving abilities to be more versatile.
  • Identify and describe differences in interpersonal communication styles
  • Adapt personal communication style in response to a given situation in order to improve relationships
  • Develop a strategy for effective communication with individuals, team members, and customers
  • Demonstrate skills that deal with tension management
  • Improve team performance and individual relationships through reduced tension
  • Develop a set of behaviors that promotes trust in the workplace
Making the Difference through Effective Communications (preferable)
Pre-Work Required
Social Style Profile. Request your personal profile four weeks prior to training. To better understand how you are perceived by others, the Social Impression Survey is designed to obtain feedback from people with whom you interact. Questionnaires are distributed to a cross-section of business and other acquaintances, and results are tabulated and summarized to create your personal profile.
Course Length
16 hours (2 days)

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