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Applying Statistical Methods
People interested in or responsible for creating and monitoring performance data using control charts and other statistical methods.
The course objectives are to teach the participants how to construct, interpret, and apply attribute and variable control charts. The desired outcome is for course participants to return to their work areas and be able to identify differences between special and common causes of variation. Shewbart control charts are covered in greater depth than in "Data collection & Interpretation." Actual calculations are practiced. Course teaches how to calculate control chart limits. 
  • Use Quality Performance tools (statistical tools) to continuously improve processes
  • Select an appropriate statistical method (control chart) based on the problem statement
  • Calculate the mean and standard deviation of a data set, and construct and use graphical comparisons of data sets (boxplots)
  • Create: X, mR chart; X-Bar, R chart; P-chart; C-chart
  • State the principles of survey design and analysis
  • State the issues involved in measurement error and its effect on decision making
  • Calculate and interpret capability statistics
Pre-Word Required
Suggested Class Size
Minimum 12
Maximum 20
Course Length
16 hours

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