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Cooking Courses
Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate!-CTWN1075
Learn the basics of working with chocolate. Menu items include Crazy-Good Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate-dipped Strawberries, Chocolate Cake Balls and Fabulous Fudge. If you are a chocoholic, this class is a MUST for you!
Cookies! Cookies! Cookies!-CTWN1078
Learn how to bake classic cookies such as Tollhouse Cookies and Super Snickerdoodles. Also, practice decorating Iced Sugar Cookies using royal icing. Amaze your friends by bringing delicious, professional-looking treats to your next get together.
Crash Cakes-CTWN1084
Do you wish you could decorate cakes like a pro? Spend the day in this crash course on basic cake decorating and by the time you walk out of class, you will have decorated your own beautiful little cake!
It's Italian!-CTWN1085
Do you think baking a pie from scratch is too difficult to attempt? Master the art of making a basic pie crust, and get a whole new perspective on pies. Create a Hot Fudge Sundae pie, a pineapple pie, a luscious lemon pie, and a key lime pie.
Pie…Oh My!-CTWN1082
Immerse yourself in Italian tasty delights. Learn to make a scrumptious pasta sauce, an amazing Alfredo, focaccia bread and cannoli. You will leave this class eager to impress your friends and family with your ability to whip up a little bit of Italy in your own home!

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