Important Information: Texas SB 11 (Campus Concealed Carry) does not go into effect for community colleges until August 1, 2017.

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Upcoming Events
​Date ​Event ​Time ​Tickets
​12/16/2016 ​Law Enforcement Academy Graduation ​6:00pm ​FREE
​1/9/2017 ​A&M Singing Cadets ​7:00pm $25
​1/21/2017 ​David Sanborn w/Brazosport Jazz Orchestra ​7:30pm $45/$40/$10
​1/28/2017 ​Ben Edquist w/Brazosport Symphony Orchestra
​7:30pm ​$22
​2/3/2017 ​Cloudburst ​7:30pm ​FREE
​2/11/2017 ​BMTA Testing ​1:00pm ​PRIVATE
​2/13/2017 ​College & Community Band
​7:30pm ​FREE
​2/18/2017 ​BC Jazz Band & Jazz Singers ​7:30pm ​FREE
​2/25/2017 ​Shaun Hopper ​7:30pm $35/$30/$10
​2/27/2017 ​Lake Jackson Intermediate ​7:00pm ​FREE
​3/4/2017 ​Brazosport Symphony Spring Pops ​7:30pm ​$22
​3/5/2017 ​Brazosport Choral Union ​2:00pm ​FREE
3/8/2017​ ​Brazoswood High Percussion Ensemble ​7:00pm ​FREE
3/25/2017​ ​Carol Ness Piano Studio ​1:00pm ​PRIVATE
​3/27/2017 ​Pre-UIL Choir Concert ​7:30PM ​FREE
​3/31/2017 ​Voice Play ​7:30pm $35/$30/$10​
​4/10/2017 ​UIL Choir Competition ​8:00am ​FREE
4/11/2017​ ​UIL Choir Competition ​8:00am ​FREE
​4/12/2017 ​UIL Choir Competition ​8:00am ​FREE
​4/12/2017 ​US Army Jazz Ambassadors 7:30pm​ ​FREE
4/13/2017​ ​Clute Intermediate Band ​7:00pm ​FREE
​4/22/2017 ​BMTA Festival ​11:00am ​FREE
​4/22/2017 ​Brazosport Choral Union ​7:30pm ​FREE
​4/23/2017 ​College & Community Band ​2:30pm ​FREE
4/25/2017​ ​PTK Induction Ceremony ​6:00pm ​FREE
4/27/2015​ ​Distinguished Student Adwards ​2:00pm ​FRee
​4/29/2017 ​Brazosport Symphony Orchestra Spring Classical ​7:30pm ​$22
​5/1/2017 ​Lake Jackson Intermediate Band ​7:00pm ​FREE
​5/4/2017 ​BC Jazz Band & Jazz Singers ​7:30pm ​FREE
​5/6/2017 ​Law Enforcement Academy Graduation
​6:00pm ​FREE
5/8/2017​ ​Brazoswood High Band ​7:00pm ​FREE
5/9/2017​ ​Lake Jackson Intermediate Band ​7:00pm ​FREE
5/10/2017​ ​ADA Pining Ceremony ​6:00pm ​FREE
5/11/2017​ ​Brazoswood High Band ​7:00pm ​FREE
​5/15/2017 ​Brazoswood High Orchestra ​6:00pm ​FREE
​5/16/2017 ​Jazz-O-Rama ​7:00pm ​FREE
5/20/2017​ ​Barbie Rhodes Dance Studio ​3 & 7pm ​TBA
​5/21/2017 ​Katie Hunt's Studio Recital ​1:00pm ​​FREE
​6/21/2017 ​Jason Farham ​1:30pm ​$6
6/28/2017​ ​Tom's Fun Band ​1:30pm ​$5
​7/12/2017 ​Steve Trash "Ecology is Amazing" ​1:30pm ​$10
7/19/2017​ ​Jean Kuecher's Marionette Theatre ​1:30pm ​$5
​7/26/2017 ​CJ Johnson Illusionist ​1:30pm ​$8
8/2/2017​ ​Samie Shaheen ​1:30pm ​$5

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