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About the E-Learning Certification Program

The E-Learning Certification Program assists faculty in the transition of teaching in a face-to-face environment to one which is online. Although building and teaching a course online involves the same principles, concepts and mechanics as any course, it is the way in which one approaches the process that differs. This process introduces faculty to not only online pedagogy and methodology but also to the technological mechanics behind managing and developing an online course.
The entire program must be completed prior to teaching any hybrid or full online course. A hybrid course is defined at Brazosport as one in which over 50% of the course activities take place online while full online courses are 100% web-based.
Supplemental courses, less than 50% of course activities are online, DO NOT need to go through the certification process.

The certification program consists of the following steps:
  • Signing the Agreement form
  • Enrolling in the E-Learning Certification Program
  • Completing both E-Learning Program sections
    • Online
    • Hands-on
  • Demonstrating skills learned by adding:
    • an Announcement
    • an intro Module which includes a:
      • Course Outline
      • Syllabus
      • Assignment Guide
    • an introductory Discussion activity
    • a Dropbox assignment
    • a Quiz
    • Grades (if applicable)
Signing the Agreement Form
Once the decision is made to teach a hybrid or fully online course for an upcoming semester you will need to complete and sign the E-Learning Certification Program Agreement form. This form is an agreement between yourself, department chair and the E-Learning instructor to complete the E-Learning Certification process as well as design, develop and teach a hybrid or full online course.
Enrolling in the E-Learning Program
Once you have downloaded the Agreement form and had it signed by yourself and your department chair you will need to contact the EDC to enroll in the E-Learning Program at which time additional information will be sent.
Completing both E-Learning Program Sections:
  • Online: This is an online course which provides experience of being an online student, introduces instructional techniques used to promote interaction and community building, details various assessments strategies, and looks at issues related to copyright and fair use.
  • Hands-on Training: These are face-to-face session(s) focusing on the technical mechanics of working with Desire2Learn tools.
  • Demonstrating Skills Learned: This can actually be done throughout the Hands-on Training if you choose with the use of a "sandbox" course.
To gain the full benefit of community building, sharing of resources and interactive activities which will be available in the online and face-to-face sessions we would like to have a cohort of instructors go through the entire training series at the same time, yet sometimes this is not possible.
With that said, there is no "set" schedule in place since it is rather contingent on the number of participants we have each semester.
The online course is always open for access and MUST be completed prior to taking the Hands-on Training. After the Agreement form has been signed and you contact the EDC we will provide you access to the course.
Hands-on Training:
Each semester we do provide a scheduled training series in which you can participate. All sessions must be attended in order to met the Hands-on Training criteria. If you are unable to make the scheduled trainings you will need to make an appointment with our Technical Specialist for individualized face-to-face sessions.
Demonstration of Skills Learned:
During the training sessions or shortly thereafter you will need to build an outline of your future course using some of the most popular tools in our online management system. These tools include Announcements, Modules, Discussions, Dropbox, Quizzes, and Grades (if applicable).
The E-Learning Certification provides 72 contact hours. These hours equate to 3 Educational Growth Credits (EGC's for faculty) or 3 Professional Growth Credits for Adjunct Faculty. These credits are applied to advancement in pay scale (faculty) and Tier Level (adjunct)

The break down of the hours are as follows:
  • Online Session - 12 contact hours
  • Hands-on sessions - 9 contact hours
  • Demonstration of skills learned - 52 contact hours

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