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 Student Food Pantry


​There is a way to help students with food on a short term need basis.

Gift Certificates may be purchased at  the Commons for a sandwich.

Food Pantry open: 1-6pm M-R

 To Contribute: 

 We will take items that are pop-top (needing no can opener) and need to no refrigeration.   Bring them to C.100J.  Hours are Mon-Thur 1 to 6pm.  Alternatively, you can just leave the items, and note from whom the items are donated.  We will be looking into grant possibilities, and if you know of a resource that would contribute, that would be helpful.

§ Gift cards –small amounts i.e. $10 or $15
§ Tuna, or chicken in small cans
§ Soups or ravioli single serve
§ Peanut butter
§ Meals with meat & vegetables (Ditty Moore, or Chef Boy-r-Dee, Hormel…)
§ Cans of beans
§ granola bars
pudding and fruit cups
 To serve a student: 

 Hours are 1pm – 6pm Mon-Thurs  

Virginia x 3230

§    We ask, for the anonymity of the student, that the faculty/staff member come to check out a bag for the student.  We will ask only for the students log-in ID, just to track, not identify. 
§  The need for more than one day of meals will be asked,
§  We ask if the student thinks that they will need additional help in the future that the bag be returned.  (This is to cut down on need of donation of bags)
§  Make an effort to guide the student to a local food pantry for further help, and see a counselor here on campus.    


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