How was TILT created?

In the Fall of 1997, the Digital Information Literacy Office (DILO) Library Advisory Committee at The University of Texas at Austin developed a list of student proficiencies. These proficiencies were the basis for the TILT proposal. Based upon the project summary the UT System Digital Library and Macromedia gave financial support, and hardware and software for the development of the tutorial. Two surveys, of UT students and UT System libraries, were conducted in the Spring. We have designed a Frequently Asked Questions page to assist any interested instructors in incorporating TILT into their classes. The introduction and all three modules of TILT were completed by October, 1999. Hear the Buzz about TILT from various award sites and articles.

A small group of librarians, artists, programmers and students created all the design and content for TILT.

Brent Simpson Clara Fowler Elizabeth Dupuis
Brent Simpson Clara Fowler Elizabeth Dupuis

Brent is the web design guy. He developed the graphic interfaces, the Flash stuff, and worked closely with Henry Stokes to develop most of the illustrations. He has a love-hate relationship with HTML, but will make Web pages for food.

Clara is the content leader. She outlined the content for Module One, wrote and re-wrote some of the text, and provided fodder for all of the flashy stuff. She boosted the morale of the group despite the fact that they were always envious of her good horoscopes.

Beth is the project leader. She acquired resources, scouted talent, set timelines, contributed to the content, implemented the instructional design, and coordinated surveys and evaluations. OK, she's a manager but we like her anyway.

Other Invaluable Contributors

Henry Stokes, artist extraordinaire

Ladd Hanson, registration oracle

Edward Smith, cookie maker and JavaScript guru

Hillary Barmantje, literary artisan of Word

Aaron Choate, man behind the scenes of Tiltometer

Aaron Winslow, voice and personality of Tiltometer

TILT Advisory Group
Ralph Alberico
Hillary Barmantje
Victoria Beatty
Aaron Choate
Damon Jaggars
Elizabeth Piedmont-Marton
Ronda Rowe
Kathy Schmidt
Craig Schroer
Henry Stokes
Aaron Winslow

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