Books cover virtually any topic, fact or fiction. For research purposes, you will probably be looking for books that synthesize all the information on one topic to support a particular argument or thesis. Libraries organize and store their book collections on shelves called "stacks." Electronic books, called e-books, may be purchased online or may be available for free from your library.

Use a Book

  • when looking for comprehensive information on a topic
  • to put your topic in context with other important issues
  • to find historical information
  • to find summaries of research to support an argument


  • Grazulis, Thomas P. The Tornado: Nature's Ultimate Windstorm, 2001.
  • Nash, Gary B. ed. The American People: Creating a Nation and a Society, 1990.
  • Silverstone, Roger, ed. Visions of Suburbia, 1997.

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