Email is a method of online communication with one or more people using special software on an Internet-connected computer. It is not a private form of communication since messages can be easily copied and sent to others. It is difficult to convey emotion or intent in an email message, so you must clearly state what you mean to say. You should be aware that there are rules of etiquette or "netiquette" to follow when using email. For example, USING ALL CAPITAL LETTERS is frowned upon because it is considered to be "shouting" in an online environment.

Use Email

  • to find an opinion by an expert in the field
  • to access postings and messages on newsgroups and listservs
  • to ask your reference librarian a question about research

Examples of Email Addresses

  • person@mail.utexas.edu
  • president@whitehouse.gov
  • smurf@aol.com

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