Using an Engine

Using a Web search engine is often different than searching a library database. Web search engines do not have specific fields or structured subject organization. When you enter words into a search engine, the program attempts to match each word with as many pages as possible. This is similar to keyword searching in a library database.

The following example will demonstrate some general tips for using a Web search engine. Look in the help pages in your favorite search engine to find some more advanced searching techniques.

Internet advertising and banner ads
This search looks for Internet OR advertising OR banner OR ads. Words like "and" are usually ignored because they appear so often.


"Internet advertising" "banner ads"
Using quotes in a search means that the words in quotes must be searched as a phrase. This search would find Internet advertising OR banner ads.


+"Internet advertising" +"banner ads"
The "+" sign tells the search engine that these phrases must appear on the page. This search would find pages that had both the phrases Internet advertising AND banner ads


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