The library catalog is another type of database. It identifies materials your library collects on particular subjects and where these items are located. If you have used a card catalog before, this is the electronic version. You can use the catalog at your library to find books, videos, maps, and CDs, as well as identify the location of periodicals.

Most library catalogs allow you to search by author, title or subject. Some require you to use special commands or enter terms in a specific way.

Author: search last name first

If looking for books by: Vinton Cerf
Search: cerf, vinton

Title: drop the first article (a, an, the)

If looking for the book: The Complete Internet User's Guide
Search: Complete Internet User's Guide
If looking for the newspaper: The Wall Street Journal
Search: Wall Street Journal

Subject: use subject headings

If looking for books about: the history of the Internet
Search: Internet (Computer network)--History

Once you have a list of citations, you need to look up the location of the periodicals in the library catalog. Remember that you already know in which issue and on what page the article can be found, you just need to find out where your library keeps that magazine or journal. In order to find it, search in the library catalog for the title of the periodical, not the title of the article.

For example:
If you were looking for this article:
Green, R.W. "Internet addiction." Computerworld 32.38 (Sept 21, 1998): 78.
You would search: title - Computerworld (not "Internet addiction")

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