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Website support
Marketing & Communications only supports websites within Microsoft SharePoint, the college's official Content Management System. Any sites outside of SharePoint will need to be maintained and supported by their respective department. Please see the official college policy for more detailed responsibilities concerning website creation, maintenance and support.
Campus access
All photographers and videographers entering Brazosport College's campus must request permission to work on campus prior to arriving on campus. Camera crews must be escorted at all times. Conduct while on Brazosport College's campus is governed by all applicable college policies and procedures.
Contact BC Marketing & Communications to request permission to shoot photos or videos on Brazosport College campus:
Director of Marketing & Communications, 979-230-3489.
Release forms
Photos or videos of students, faculty, staff or members of the public used for Brazosport College commercial or marketing purposes require notification and a signed release. Photos used for Brazosport College editorial purposes only do not require a release.
Contact BC Marketing & Communications to request the appropriate release form:
Director of Marketing & Communications, 979-230-3489.
Naming of clubs and organizations
When establishing clubs and/or organizations, it is appropriate to follow the official name with “at Brazosport College.” Only official college departments are preceded with “Brazosport College.”
Correct: Zombie Club at Brazosport College
Incorrect: Brazosport College Zombie Club
Correct: Brazosport College Marketing & Communications
Incorrect: Marketing & Communications at Brazosport College


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