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Pat Jeffreys

SI Coordinator

Pat Jeffreys has an Associates of Chemical Technology, Associates of Science, and a Bachelor of Applied Technology in Process Operations Management.  She has worked at Dow Chemical 15 years, Massage Therapist 15 years, Hypnotherapist 5 years, owned several small businesses. She used to love Chemistry and Math, then took some Anatomy & Physiology and was hooked. Biology and Microbiology fascinate her, as well. Her personal interests include Traveling (Tibet was the best) and Science Fiction. “For 4 years I was basically the only tutor for the Life Sciences, and was delighted to start the SI program with many SI Leaders so more student could get the support needed.  When seeing students that are astonished they finally got the first A in Science ever in their life—and at college level!—because of SI, well, THAT is when I get that warm, fuzzy feeling.”


Jibriel Baida

SI Leader for Schauer’s Bio 1

Jibriel "The Hul" Baida graduated from Brazoswood High School with Cum Laude honors, National Honor Society Honors, and Spanish National Honor Society Honors. Personal interests include playing Quidditch and video games.  “After a good long hour of SI, I can see students truly understand Dr. Schauer’s Bio 1 material.”


Brad Beckerdite

SI Leader for Nimtz AP2

Brad Beckerdite attended Brazosport College during high school and then spent several years at Baylor University in the Computer Science degree track. He was a Dow Intern in Information Systems, but took an interest in the medical field and switched to Nursing. He enjoys computer programming, Anatomy and Physiology, riding his motorcycle with my friends on my days off, and is an avid Science Fiction fan. The best part of being a tutor is getting to work with students and seeing their hard work pay off.  I also find it very rewarding to work with the class and assist people in mastering a tough subject. 



Robert Butterfield

SI Leader for Micro Lecture and for Micro Lab

Robert Butterfield has an Associates’ of Applied Science degree. He has taken Biology I and II, Anatomy and Physiology I and II, and Microbiology and have been an SI Leader for all. He currently works at ADMC, where he disposes of contaminated and bio-hazardous material. He is debating whether to go into nursing or physical therapy.


Noelle Duncanson - SI Leader for Dufilho AP1

Noelle Duncanson enjoys Life Sciences and is currently working on the prerequisites required by various ADN programs to be an RN. Her favorite part of the job is helping students learn to study in a way that enables them to do their personal best to get the grades they want.


​​Brittney Foster - SI Leader for Nimtz AP1

Brittney Foster has been on Active Duty Military Service for five years as an Electronics Technician. She is now in the Texas Air National Guard working as a Medical Technician. She has an Associate’s Degree in Electronic Systems and has completed the prerequisites for the UTMB Bachelor’s of Nursing Program. She is a Certified Personal Trainer and is certified in Sports Nutrition. “SI is too much fun to not be a part of it".


Carolina Hernandez - SI Leader for Walling Bio 1

Carolina Hernandez worked at H-E-B during and after High School until joining the USAF in February of 2008, where she worked as a Geospatial Analyst. After four and half years she separated from the military and went to school to pursue dental hygiene. She deployed a total of about 9 months to Kandahar, Afghanistan (1st time ~ 6 months and 2nd time 3 1/2 months). She joined the reserves after being out for about 6 months and awaiting training to be an optometrist's assistant within the next year. She then moved to Brazoria County to be closer to my family and to be nearer to the college. Since moving to the area she found it to be a pleasant place to live.  Her favorite subjects in school were always reading and history, but as of late she enjoys science more and more. She loves meeting and getting to know the students, as well as just helping them better understand their course material. She likes to sing, write lyrics, watch movies (especially those based on books).  Her favorite books include romantic works, such as those written by Nicholas Sparks, humorous pieces like Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies, True/military stories like "Lone Survivor", and The Hunger Games Series.  


Sadie Lewis - SI Leader for Walling Bio 1

Sadie Lewis is the SI for Beatty's Biology I, for which she received an A. She took the class in order to go into the Associate's Degree Nursing program to become an RN here at BC; and, looks forward to applying to the program this semester. Since being the SI for General Biology, the best part has been when the students tell her that they actually learned something during the session and they leave with more confidence than when they came in. Sadie enjoys reading and has won first place and best-of-show ribbons at the county fair for her photography. She also enjoys playing music, whether it is on the guitar or piano.


John Lochmann - SI Leader for Nursing Skills

John Lochmann worked four years as a paramedic before starting this program and worked the entire way through as an SI. He is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Nursing and Microbiology. His favorite subject is science. His favorite hobby is disc golf. “The power of time management is incredible. I love those light bulb moments when a student comes nearly in tears and leaves having a basic understanding of the material. I like to be the person who facilitated that transformation.”

Ash Leigh McQuoid - SI Leader for Beatty AP2

Ash Leigh McQuoid has a background in life sciences (Biology, Microbiology, and Anatomy & Physiology I & II. Her interests include: nursing, genetics, and life sciences. In her spare time, she lovse to read, solve puzzles, play with my daughter, and cook/bake. “She enjoys meeting new people & making friends. I find it interesting to teach others and learn what works for them during studying, it gives me a chance to be creative and problem solve.”


Brenda Onopa - SI Leader for All AP1 Labs

Brenda Onopa plans on graduating with my Associate’s of Science degree in the Spring of 2013. She is in the process of putting her application together to apply to the Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing program at University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston and University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. Her interests range from Health Sciences (Anatomy and Physiology, Biology, Microbiology, etc.) to English and Literature. “Not only are we tutors, but we are mentors, role models, counselors, and caretakers. To be able to have friendships with other fellow students and watch them grow is what I enjoy most. There is no greater satisfaction than seeing students succeed.”

Mary Openshaw - SI Leader for James AP1 Lect and All AP2 LAB

Mary Openshaw has been an S.I. leader since Fall 2011. In that time, I’ve done S.I. for Anatomy and Physiology 1 and 2, and for AP1 Lab and AP2 Lab. A&P 2 her favorite class to work with. “The absolute best thing about being an S.I. leader is when a student who’s been coming to sessions day after day tells me they just got an A on their exam or lab quiz, or when they tell me they got something right because we’d worked on it in S.I. Another major benefit of being an S.I. leader is that it allows me to refresh my own knowledge of the subjects my students are learning. “


​​Danielle Robisheaux - SI Leader for James Bio 1

Danielle Robisheaux has been a SI Leader for Biology 1 for four semesters. She made an A in the class and has been attached to several teachers.  He interest is science. “What I enjoy most about tutoring is getting to work with the students and help them learn and understand the material. “​


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