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Meet Your Tutors

Rebecca Goins
Lead Tutor
Business Math, Transitional Math, Pre-Statistics, College Algebra, Calculus I and II​

Rebecca Goins has taught and tutored math at Brazosport College for nearly 15 years.
She has a Bachelors of Art in Mathematics from the University of Houston – Clear Lake. Outside of the college, she enjoys saltwater fishing, reading, spending time with family and friends, and skating roller derby. “It is my pleasure to be the Lead Tutor of the Math Center. As I am a social person, tutoring provides me with the opportunity to meet all sorts of people on a daily basis. I also enjoy seeing the ‘light bulb’ turn on when someone finally understands a concept. I hope to see you soon!”





Alex Beverly
Transitional Math, College Algebra, Accounting

Alex Beverly received his Bachelor's of Business Administraton from the Texas Tech University in 2010. He is also currently enrolled at Brazosport College, taking the necessary courses to attend medical school. He really enjoys workign with people, and tutoring allows him to be helpful to other students while showing the that math "isn't as scary as everyone makes it out to be."







Dustin Doddroe

Transitional Math, College Algebra, Trigonometry,
Calculus I and II

Dustin Doddroe has taken Algebra, Trig, PreCalculus, Calculus I-III, and statistics. He can tutor these pretty well, with an exception for the stats class. He plans on becoming a professional mathematician so he is extremely interested in all theoretical mathematics and likes some of the applied math subjects. Some personal interests of mine, other than math, are sports. Mostly college basketball but an occasional pro game is needed. “I enjoy tutoring the most because of all the different ways you can work the same problem and come up to the right answer, then showing the different ways and the student actually understands so they can apply it for themselves. I work two jobs to pay for college, so I know what a lot of the students are going through and how hard it is to be here when life is so tough.”



Lynn Long
Transitional Math, College Algebra, Accounting
Lynn Long is originally from San Antonio (go Spurs!) where she graduated from Highlands High School and received my Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration/Accounting from Trinity University. Upon graduation, she worked in the finance department of a mortgage loan company until her husband graduated and she moved to the Lake Jackson area for his job with Dow Chemical. She then worked for a private CPA in downtown Houston until BASF called with a job offer. Starting as a Cost Accountant there and she was promoted to Accounting Supervisor when she left. After raising a family, she started back in the workforce as a long-term substitute teacher. When the Continuing Ed campus of BC called with a job offer to work as a tutor in their Dow lab, she quickly accepted. When the grant ran out after four years, she transferred to the main campus where she’s been tutoring math since 2008. She enjoys nothing more than studying the Torah and the Hebrew language and culture that helps us understand His Word. “While I’m not the youngest fish in our little “pond”, I do believe experience and age can bring unique insights in each situation. I love math for entertainment, also –brain tests, Sudoku, etc. I honestly enjoy working with the students and look forward to coming to work and seeing them. Each semester we seem to establish a new “family” of students – regular daily visitors and occasional drop-ins. Students really determined to understand the work and those that feel like they’re ‘never going to get it – math and I don’t get along!’ are some of my favorites. It’s extremely gratifying to see the “AHA” moment when the light bulb clicks on and I can tell that things are starting to fall into place and make sense for them. I also enjoy the challenge of trying to find the particular method or explanation that works for each individual student. Along with helping the student understand the material, in my opinion, helping them build confidence in their ability in the process is key for their overall success.”​
Philip Rodriguez
Transitional Math, College Algebra, Calculus I and II, Physics
Philip "Overlord" Rodriguez graduated high school from Angleton in 2007, and completed his Associate Degree of Science at Brazosport College, in 2012. He is currently in an undergrad program at University of Houston at Clear Lake for Mathematics . Mathematics has always been my favorite subject since I was little, and still is to this day. His interests include Physics, computers, and learning the programming languages C++ and Java, and I’m interested in learning C or C# next. “What I like about tutoring is that it keeps my math skills fresh, and that I learn how to work with other types of people. I also enjoy it when a student tells me they understand the subject we are working on. The last thing would have to be when a student comes to me towards the end of the semester, and they tell me they passed their class that we had been working on all semester long.”​



Mary-Lou Stepien
Transitional Math, Elementary Math, College Algebra
Mary-Lou Stepien graduated with a Bachelor of Science in math (back when girls weren’t supposed to be good in this subject). She is not just a math nerd – she also enjoys reading, traveling and playing with her puppy. “Regardless, I have always loved math and hope you will come see me to learn helpful hints and little tricks so that you can be successful in math too! Come see me anytime. I am looking forward to helping you!”​​
























































































































































































































































































































































































































































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