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Meet Your Writing Consultants
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Brandi Boak

Tutoring is the ability to empower students to reach academic goals by showing them the right tools to use. I believe most students have all the tools they need, but some become discouraged by past experiences or simply have not been shown yet. The tutor provides one on one attention and encouragement, which is sometimes all a student needs to have their “ah-ha” moment and realize their abilities, as well as their talents. A tutor knows their job is ultimately done when a student no longer needs them anymore.

Being a peer tutor puts me in a unique and rewarding position. I consider myself a liaison between the professor and the student. Therefore, it is important for me to make a genuine connection with the student as a peer, while still maintaining and exemplifying a strong professional relationship with the professor. This allows me to better help the student in a couple of ways. First, I deescalate frustrations felt by the student and clarify the questions I can. I also am able to let the professor know when there are reoccurring questions and issues that aren’t being brought to him or her. By acting as a connection between the student and professor, the tutor can help improve the overall atmosphere and quality of the classroom.  


Courtney Combs


Christina Davies


Marva Doss

My goal, as a tutor, is to demonstrate consistency, enthusiasm, and positivity as  I help my students to learn by creative and innovative means (Wong, 2001). Through the use of problem-solving techniques, students will explore and investigate various ways of communication in their writing projects.  

I love to acknowledge a job well done, but, if there are those who need more, I love to inspire them toward success. It is a treat for me to observe students as they gain a sense of self-fulfillment and   self-confidence. I try to have an impact on as many of the students that I can, in order to help them to master the   art of writing with skill and confidence.


Ammar Habib

Writing is an art form that allows ideas to be preserved and remembered for millenniums. We see this in famous texts such as Beowulf, The Odyssey, among countless others. And we can see how all these texts still continue to change the world centuries after they were written. In fact, the oldest piece of literature still in existence dates back to 2700 B.C. and is still studied today.

As a tutor, it is my duty to help students become more equipped with the written language. One-on-one tutoring is important because it greatly helps students improve their craft. I help them hone their skills (whether it is their skill in reading, writing, or presenting) by first seeing where they are, praising them for their strengths, and then showing them how they can improve their skills even more. I understand that writing is something that many students are intimidated by and sometimes even scared of. However, with enough courage and practice, any student can be an effective reader, writer, and even presenter. My goal is to be a positive, yet honest reader an voice of reason for my students. I want to clear any cobwebs or misconceptions they have about writing and reading. I don’t want to only help them improve their assignment, but also their confidence and skills. A grade is short term, but the skill of using the written language effectively is something that they will keep with them for the rest of their lives.

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Jami Jinkins

Writing has always been an extremely personal thing for me.  It does not matter if I am writing an essay for a class or pouring my creativity into a fictional work – writing is something sacred.  It has always been something I feel confident in, even when my essays or stories are littered with typos and grammatical errors.  It has, is, and always will be a safe place in which I can pour out any and every thought, fear, hope, joy, and dream that flits through my brain.

Ultimately, I believe that is my writing philosophy.  I want to teach others how to use the English language and the rules it comes with, but, more importantly, I want to teach them to love writing.  At the very least, I want to teach them not to fear it. 

I want students to walk away from a session with me feeling as if they conquered a mountain, because they did.  Writing can be the most difficult thing, even for those skilled at it.  Words do not always flow.  You do not always remember every rule.  Some days you will write terribly, but the key is to always look to improve.  Our job, as tutors, is not merely to correct the mistakes we see.  Our job is not limited to the essay set in front of us.  Our job extends to the future of the student who sits behind it.  Everything we say and do will impact lives, and even the smallest of effects could do some good.  That is what we ought to strive for.


April Julier

I agree with Salvatori & Donahue (2005); learning is a process of evaluating ones own difficulty as they work through complex projects. Writing is a process in which difficulty can yield discovery; therefore, as a writing teacher, I believe it is my responsibility to, first, challenge my students by posing complex problems, then, offer them support through the scaffolding of course design.

As a tutor, I try to find common ground with the writer I am working with. We work to make sure that we both underestand the assignment, and, then, we read together to make sure that the writing on the page is communicating the ideas you intend. All writers know they need readers, and I try to be an informed and critical reader for any writer I work with.


Rosie Kilmer

Tabatha Rhodes.jpg

Tabatha Rhodes


Haley Sietz

My mission as a tutor is to be the best possible reader for the writers with whom I work. All writers need readers, as our writing center proclaims, and I am here to uphold this statement. As a reader, I make sure that the writer’s work is clear, makes sense, and conveys what the writer expects or wants it to.


Any paper, and any writer, can benefit from being viewed by a different pair of eyes. I come into the tutoring session without any of the insecurities or the knowledge that the writer may have. To them, their work may be dull since they have read it several times, but to new readers the material is fresh and exciting. I use my role as a reader to empower writers by showing them that their writing is important and commendable. I point out specific parts of their work that I especially like and explain why I like it, so the writer understands what they’re doing well.

I want the writers I work with to leave the BCWC feeling better about their skills. The best part of my job is when I have a session with a returning student and they tell me, “I’m really starting to get writing now.” I enjoy watching writers improve and further develop their craft, and I believe that everyone is a good writer.


Jasmyn Svoboda


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