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Christina Acevedo joined the BC Writing Center in April of 2011. She is a mother of three who returned to college after ten years. She has earned an Associate of Science degree (Magna Cum Laude, Honors, and PTK) and is currently working towards a bachelor’s degree in Nursing. Her ultimate goal is to travel to underprivileged countries to provide healthcare to indigenous populations. Her academic interests include literary analysis, poetry analysis, zombie literature, and scientific papers. She is bilingual and has experience working as a missionary and translator. Her main work focused on working with the people from Aztec communities in the mountains of Mexico. Her personal interests include making memories with her family, traveling, experiencing other cultures, nature, fashion, literature, and health, and she is a supporter of all human rights. In her spare time she is a volunteer for Hospice. As a tutor, her strengths are making outlines, forming a thesis statement, organization, APA, and “polishing” papers. She especially enjoys working with non-traditional students as they develop their writing and computer skills. “I love my job because I have the opportunity to help students from all backgrounds become more confident in their academic abilities. College is your chance to start fresh, your moment to shine. If I can be a small part in your success, I’ve done my job.”

Sarah Cooper has been tutoring in the Writing Center since the fall of 2012. She is currently certified as an EMT- Basic and is pursuing an Associate of Applied Science in Nursing. She is passionate about medicine and helping people. She enjoys helping students succeed in whatever they are doing. When she is not tutoring or studying, she enjoys time at home, listening to music, and being with her family and friends. Sarah says, “As a student myself, I am aware of how frustrating college can be sometimes. When I can help someone get past that frustration and do well, that makes my job rewarding.”​
Marva Doss retired from Brazosport College in 2006 as a Professor of Psychology and Sociology. She was involved in many campus organizations, including the Afro-American Club and the Baptist Student Union. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and a Master of Social Work from the University of Houston and has conducted several lectures on parenting and stress management. Her husband is a Dow retiree who is committed to serving the community and mentoring the next generation. Her two children were practically raised on the Brazosport College campus and both attended college here. Since retirement she has served as an adjunct faculty member, part-time registration counselor, and is presently a tutor in the Writing Center. She loves crossword puzzles, mystery movies, romantic comedies, and socializing with friends and family.​

Aaron Kirk is a student at Brazosport College; writing is one of his many passions. He hopes to share some of this passion with the students that come to the Writing Center, and to help them become better, more motivated authors. He believes he is well-qualified to do so. He has an excellent GPA and has excelled in Advanced Placement and College English courses. He has passed both of the College Board's tests for English (Language and Literature) and has extensive experience writing and critiquing essays. “If you're stuck on a paper or anything English related, I can help you. Come down to the Writing Center at Brazosport College to see your writing and your grades improved.”
4x6_Tabitha_Schroeder_0007.jpgTABATHA “RAINA” SCHROEDER
This tutor loves writing
and finds it rather exciting.
She understands commas cause stress,
which she'll happily address.
You'll find her quite inviting.

Tabatha “Raina” Schroeder started working in the Writing Center her last semester at Brazosport College in the Spring of 2011 when she received her Associate of Arts. The following semester she transferred to University of Houston – Clear Lake where she is currently working towards her Bachelor of Arts in communication and plans on following her degree with a Master of Arts in literature. She has published multiple short works of non-fiction and fiction in various media. As a writing tutor, Raina enjoys helping students make sense of the enigma that is the English language, appreciate literature and become less intimidated by writing assignments. In her spare time, Raina enjoys writing, reading, cooking, loud music, reconstructing clothing, and spending time with her family.​​
Beverly "Bev" Stimson holds a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and a Master's degree in English. Early in her career, she was a social services caseworker in both Texas and Colorado. Later, she switched to teaching. In 2003, she retired as a Professor of English from Trinidad State Junior College, Trinidad, Colorado, where she taught courses in English composition, literature, reading, and study skills. Following retirement, she moved to Brazoria County and worked part-time as an adjunct English instructor at Brazosport College for a few years. "Now, working with students and fellow-tutors in the Writing Center helps keep me in the loop. Sharing tips on writing, especially concerning research and literature, is more like fun than work for me." said Beverly. In her spare time, Beverly enjoys researching and writing about local history and spending time at the beach.

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