Summer Matinees

Summer Matinees

Fri May 1, 2015

The Clarion at Brazosport College is giving kids the opportunity to get out of the heat with another series of Summer Matinee shows.

The Clarion's Summer Matinees is an annual series of children's performances, which run at 1:30 p.m. every Wednesday from June 17 thru July 29. Tickets for the performances range from $5 to $8 per person and are currently on sale.

This year's matinee series will feature six shows, highlighting musical artists, educational acts, puppetry, dancing comedy and magic. All shows are apppropriate for children ages 4 to 12 and all events are general seating.

This season's lineup of summer Matinees includes:

CARRANZA PUPPETS - PINOCCHICO: Wednesday, June 17; 1:30 p.m. Tickets: $5

The story of "Pinocchio" is an odyssey in which a puppet, by the making of ronic life choices, experiences many trails, misadventures, and their inevitable consequences. These experiences, nowever, ultimately gain Pinocchio a truer course to maturity in life. This maturity is symbolized in the story by Pinocchio, a mere puppet, which eventually becomes a "real boy."

MAD SCIENCE - SPIN, POP, BOOM!: Wednesday, June 24; 1:30 p.m. Tickets: $4

Discover how much fun can be had with the fundamentals of physics and chemistry. Watch as a bungee jump and a spinning platform is created. Help call out the Genie from its bottle and create beautiful music with a fiery reaction. And don't forget the foam factory. It's a must see.

THE MAGIC OF LANNY KIBBEY: Wednesday, July 8; 1:30 p.m. Tickets: $5

Magician Lanny Kibbey brings the very best in magical entertainment with his children's-oriented comedy magic show. Magician Lanny tours across the United States. Robin Leech, host of the television show "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" said "I have seen the very best in magical entertainment, all over the world...and the Magic of Lanny Kibbey is world class!

RED GRAMMER: Wednesday, July 15; 1:30 p.m. Tickets: $8

Whether in a prestigious performing arts center or in a school concert program, Red Grammer offers children and adults the highest quality musical experience in an atmosphere of playfulness and joy that excites and inspires as it supports the best in all of us. In his themed concerts he draws on his award-winning repertoire to create shows that focus on specific topics, delivering them with his inimitable joy, playfulness and heart-stopping talent.

TOM'S FUN BAND: Wednesday, July 22; 1:30 p.m. Tickets: $5

What do you get when you cross a passion for music with a guitar, drums and a tuba? Tom's Fun Band, of course! Tom's Fund Band is a group of musicians who have come from very different musical backgrounds to bring fun music to children and families. Tom's Fun Band was born when Tom Wilbeck decided to start writing chilfren's music for his twins. Tom was then joined by Will Samson and Chris Wilbeck to form the full Tom's Fun Band.

SOUL STREET - BREAKIN' BACK TO SCHOOL: Wednesday, July 29; 1:30 p.m. Tickets: $6

They fly through the air with the greatest of ease. They dance en pointe while semi-crouched in high-top sneakers. Catch the excitement of Street Dance as these energetic performers demonstrate their varied styles and discuss the distinctive features and origins of each dance. From Brazil's Capoiera to New York's Break Dance and the multi-compenent form of hip-hop, the audience learns how these styles developed and evloved.

Tickets for the Clarion's Summer Matinees are available now. Please call the Clarion Box Office at (979) 230-3156 to make reservation for your group or purchase tickets online.