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High School vs. College
Comparison between​ ​High School and College
High School (A Right)
College (A Privilege)
Class Time:
 6 hours per day, 5 days a week
Class Time: 12-18 hours per week, 1-3 times a week, classes might last 1-4 hours each
Price: Free, including books
Price: Several hundred dollars tuition & must pay for books
Study Time: 2 hours per day?? Frequent test & quizzes, variety of assignments including worksheets
Study Time: 2 hours of study for every one hour of class: 4+ hours per day. Infrequent tests & quizzes, mostly papers assigned
Grades: Report cards sent to parents student, graded on effort & modifications
Grades: Report cards sent to student (access from web site), graded on performance only, no modifications
Graduation: Can graduate without passing TAKS, no specific GPA required, can’t be expelled for grades
Graduation: Cannot graduate without passing TSI requirements, must have 2.0 GPA or higher to graduate, can be suspended for low grades
Teachers: Active role in your progress
Teachers: Passive role. You may need to initiate assistance
Knowledge: Memorization of facts, grammar rules, following class experiments in science
Knowledge: Critical thinking, critically thinking about literature, define & experiment on own
Academic Feedback & Pace: day to day homework, graded often, teacher monitoring, special services monitoring, limited work outside class, slower pace
Academic Feedback & Pace: long range assignments, student works independently, extra work outside of class, quick pace, expectation to get tutoring on own if behind
Structure:  High, limits set by teachers, parents, other adults
Structure: Low limits set by you. No one will come to you
Legal Protection: IDEA, ADA, Section 504
Legal Protection: ADA, Section 504
Goal: Assist & ensure SUCCESS
Goal: Assist & give ACCESS
Identifying Students with Disabilities: School
Identifying Students with Disabilities: Student Initiative
Documentation & Supporting Need for Accommodation: School, umbrella coverage in all academics
Documentation & Supporting Need for Accommodation: Student, each accommodation must be justified. Accommodations are specific to area of disability
Timeline: Decided on by school district, testing may carry over for years
Timeline: Documentation must be less than 5 years old & often less than 3 years old
Providing Accommodations: School
Providing Accommodations: College
Modifications: Shortened assignments, textbooks on reading level, graded on effort, revisions & assistance on test, exempt from tests
Accommodations, not modifications: Books on tape, note takers, extra time on test, alternative location for exam
Planning Course of Study: School
Planning Course of Study: Student/College
Advocating to Obtain Services: Parent & student, ARD, 504 & IEP meetings
Advocating to Obtain Services: Student must know own strengths & weakness
Deciding on Coursework: IEP team including student
Deciding on Coursework: Student
Related Services: Schools provide all services related to educational needs, including rehabilitation & personal
Related Services: College provides physical & academic access only. Personal needs are student’s responsibility
Responsibility: School & parents are held responsible for some actions & behavior
Responsibility: Student is an adult & held responsible for all actions & behavior



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