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Preparing for Mathematics

Proper placement in mathematics is critical for your success at Brazosport College.  If you place too low, you may end up in a course you don't need, wasting time and money.  If you place too high, your course may be too advanced for you.

To prepare for the Mathematics Assessment:

  • Complete the Math Sample Questions provided by AccuPlacer.

  • For additional preparation: Math Videos

  • Review the Brazosport College Algebra Learning Modules.  These modules address all the major foundational skills taught in PreAlgebra, Beginning Algebra, and Intermediate Algebra.  Each module, organized by course and topic, contains a short video and a handful of practice problems (solutions included).  To prepare for the TSI Assessment, it is recommended that you work through the modules in order.  If you reach material that you have never seen before, you should stop.  You are welcome to discuss your work with any BC tutor or Mathematics faculty member.

  • Visit the Math Center in the Student Success Center on the Brazosport College campus.  Our tutors will be happy to work with you as you review.  Be sure to tell them you're preparing for the TSI Assessment so they'll know how to help. 



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