Why do I need a Student Account?

Your student account gives you access to many different services. You will use your student account to log in to all lab computers on campus, the wireless network using your laptop, your online classes ( click here for Online Learning), access to printers located in each lab, access to your e-mail and any other computer on campus designated for student use.

The account also gives you space on our network to store homework and other digital files required to complete your courses. We refer to this as your P drive. You will be able to use it while working in programs such as Word, Excel, etc. Upon doing a "save as" you will see "yourname$ on 'texas' (P:)". You will also see it when you double click "My Computer". This is where you may save your data and retrieve it any where on campus as long as you are logged in as yourself.

DO NOT share your Student Account information with others. When something inappropriate happens it will be your responsibility per the security agreement that you accepted. Protect your hard earned data and your reputation!
How do I get My Account?

Your student account is automatically created during registration. The account is automatically enabled for those that have accepted the online security agreement through myBC. If you have not accepted the online security agreement your account is not enabled and will not be enabled until you agree to the Student Account Security Agreement. You can login to myBC to accept the security agreement and within 24 hours your account will be enabled. If you need assistance visit our Help Desk in K-100. The helpdesk requires that you have a valid Student ID card (it can be obtained from the BC Library at no cost for the initial card).

The username for your student account consists of your first name initial, your whole last name, and the last four digits of your student ID (example: jdoe1234). Your password will be BC+your pin number (example: bc123456). The e-mail address for your BC Student e-mail account is your username@brazosport.edu (example: jdoe1234@brazosport.edu). You should have received a letter from the Registrar's office that provided your Student ID number and your pin number. You may visit the Registrar Office to get this information in person.

If you are taking an online class through D2L, your account will be created but you will not be loaded into D2L or the course until registration closes. You will have access by the first day of class.

Computer accounts will remain enabled for a period of up to two years from the last time they were used. After two years the student must go to the IT Help Desk with their valid BC student ID to get the account reinstated.

IT will lock any student account found logged in on an unattended lab computer as this is a security violation. This will require the student to go to the IT Help Desk with their valid BC ID to get the account unlocked.

How do I access my E-Mail?

All student accounts will have Exchange email boxes created. In order to access your BC email from home and on campus, you’ll need to use the web interface at https://webmail.brazosport.edu. Click here for instructions.
You may forward your college email to another email address of your choice. Click here for instructions.

What if I can't remember My Password?
Password Rules
  • Minimum eight (8) characters.
  • Should use a combination of letters and numbers.
  • Passwords will expire every 60 days. You will be required to set a new password or modify your old one.
  • Passwords may not contain spaces.
  • Password expiration times may be modified by the IT department to prevent passwords from expiring during holidays or between semester breaks, including the summer.