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AP2 Lecture handouts and Learning Tools

General Info & Handouts for the Course 

How the 'A' Students do it 

Course Syllabus, James, spring 2018
The Calendar, spring 2018


Handouts & Learning Aids for Exam 1

Study Guide for Exam 1  

Video:  The Cardiac Cycle  2 min

Clinical Application - Sickle Cell Anemia 

Why Pee is Yellow and Poop is Brown    3 min 

Good article on administration of tPA for ischemic stroke  

Overview of blood, clotting, and groups/types  10 min

Little girl’s heart beats visibly outside her chest.   2 min each



Handouts & Learning Aids for Exam 2 

My PPT for Lecture and Q&A

User friendly explanation of Cytokines   1 page

Overview of BP, BF, PR, and HTN   10 min

Conduction System of Heart  5 min

Transporting a Beating Heart for Transplant   8 min

Angioplasty and Stent Placement  2 min

Blood Pressure and Stent Placement  8 min

Circulatory Shock - 2 pg handout for OYO

Interferons and the Immune System,   8 min

Macrophage relentlessly chases down bacteria  3 min

Natural Killer Cells  3 min



Handouts & Learning Aids for Exam 3 

My PPT for Lecture and Q&A

Oxygen Transport  3 min

Application of surfactant to spontaneously breathing infant  3 min

Neonatal Intensive Care of premature baby with RDS  5 min

Overview of Respiratory system    3 min  

Pneumothorax explained and treated by needle decompression  3 min each

Asthma and COPD  8 min
Cancer 101   5 min
COPD  6 min

Respiratory System, hemoglobin, gas transport, hyperventilation, etc.  11 min

   What it’s like living with a trach tube.  (Only first 5 min is necessary)

Tuberculosis – Hiding from our immune systems   6 min

Handouts & Learning Aids for Exam 4

Osmoreceptors, ADH, and water reabsorption    2 min

Osmoreceptors, Thirst, and ADH     6 min



 Handouts and Learning Aids for Exam 5   

Female Repro system    6 min

Male Reproductive Anatomy   6 min

Endometriosis, S&S and Explanation     3 min

Living with Endometriosis – It’s tougher than you may realize    3 min

Menstrual Cycle     15 min

The Ovarian Cycle,   11 min

 Follicular phase,  9 min

 Luteal Phase,  9 min

 Hormonal Regulation of Uterine Cycle,  14 min

 GDM,   9 min

 Ovarian Cycle    15 min   Good, but a bit more details than we need