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ILearn MATH 1342


This page contains some class lecture notes for Statistics.
They do not substitute the class activity/notes/lecture/lab, but serve as an auxiliary resource.


The videos were produced with the support of the NEA's grant " The Calculate2Gether Project" - 2013/2014.

Find more tutorial videos here.


​Topic/Lesson ​Lecture Notes ​Graph Video ​Exercises
​Using Graphing Calculator ​Notes ​Videos ​N/A
​Introduction to Statistics Notes ​N/A ​Ex
​Experiments Notes ​N/A ​Ex
​Frequency Distribution ​Notes Video ​Ex
​Statistical Graphs ​Notes ​Videos 1, 2 ​Ex
​Measures of Center Notes ​Videos 1, 2 ​Ex
​Measures of Variation Notes ​Videos 1, 2 Ex
​Measures of Relative Standing Notes Video ​Ex
​Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) Notes ​Videos 1, 2 Ex
​Probability: Fundamentals ​Notes N/A Ex
​Probabilities and Their Rules Notes ​N/A ​Ex
​Multiplication Rule(s) Notes N/A​ ​Ex
​Counting Techniques Notes Video Ex
​Random Variables ​Notes Video ​Ex
​Binomial Distributions ​Notes Video ​Ex
​Standard Normal Distribution (SND) ​Notes Video​s 1, 2 ​Ex
​Applications of SND Notes Videos 1, 2​ ​Ex
​Estimating Population Proportions Notes Video ​Ex
​Estimating Population Mean ​Notes Video​s 1, 2 Ex
​Estimating Population Variance Notes Video ​Ex
​Hypothesis Testing: Basics Notes ​N/A Ex
​Testing a Claim about Proportion Notes ​Video Ex
​Testing a Claim about Mean Notes ​Videos 1, 2 Ex
​Testing a Claim about Variance ​Notes Video Ex
​Correlations Notes ​N/A ​Ex
​Regressions Notes ​N/A ​Ex


Review 1 for Test #1;

Review 2 for Test #2. 

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