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Videos for Graphing Calculator


This page contains video tutorials for using graphing utilities in classes like College Algebra, Statistics, PreCalculus or Calculus. Use them at any time.


Under construction


​Topic/Lesson ​Coll. Alg. ​Statistics ​Precalc ​Calculus
Writing A Math Expression ​x ​x ​x ​x
Evaluating a Math Expression ​x ​x ​x ​x
Setting a Table Format ​x ​x ​x ​x
Graphing a Function ​x ​x ​x
Graphing an Equation ​x ​x ​x
Parametric Equations ​x ​x
Polar Equations ​x ​x
Intercepts of a Graph ​x ​x ​x
Solving an Equation ​x ​x ​x
​Graphing Inequalities ​x ​x
​System of Equations ​x ​x ​x
Powers of "i" ​x ​x
Zero(s) of Polynomials ​x ​x ​x
Transformations on Graphs ​x
Evaluating Logarithms ​x ​x ​x
Distance and Midpoint ​x ​x
Extrema for a Function ​x ​x
​Intersection of 2 Functions ​x ​x ​x
​Derivatives ​x
​Integrals ​x
​Graphing a Conic ​x ​x
Construct Frequency Distribution ​x
Construct Histogram ​x
Construct Frequency Polygon ​x
Descriptive Stat for a List ​x
Descriptive Stat for Freq. Distr. ​x
Measures of Variation for a List ​x
Measures of Variation for Freq. Distr. ​x
Finding Percentiles/Quartiles ​x
Construct Boxplots ​x
Construct Modified Boxplots ​x
Factorials, Permutations, Combinations ​x
​Probability Distributions ​x
​Binomial Probability Distribution ​x
Find Area(s) knowing z-scores (SND) ​x
Find Critical Values knowing Area(s) (SND) ​x
Find Area(s) knowing z-scores ​x
Find Critical Values knowing Area(s) ​x
Confidence Interval Estimates of Prop. ​x
Confidence Interval Estimates of Mean 1 ​x
Confidence Interval Estimates of Mean 2 ​x
Confidence Interval Estimates of St.Dev. ​x
Testing Claim About Proportion ​x
​Testing Claim About Mean 1 ​x
Testing Claim About Mean 2 ​x
Testing Claim About St.Dev/Variance ​x


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