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 Lecture Notes




​Related Rates and Tangent to a Curve ME 1
Limits of a Function and Limit Laws ME 2
One-Side Limit​ ​ME 3
Continuity​ ​ME 4
Limits Involving Infinity; Asymptotes of Graphs​ ME 5
Tangents and the Derivatives at a Point​ ​ME 6
The Derivative as a Function​ ME 7
Differentiation Rules ​ME 8
The Derivative as a Rate of Change​ ME 9
Derivatives of Trigonometric Functions​ ME 10
The Chain Rule​ ​ME 11
Implicit Differentiation​ ME 12
Related Rates​ ME 13
Extreme Values of Functions​ ME 14
The Mean Values Theorem​ ME 15
Monotonic Functions and The First Derivative Test​ ME 16
Concavity and Curve Sketching​ ME 17
Applied Optimization​ ​ME 18
Antiderivatives​ ​ME 19
Area and Estimating with Finite Sums​ ​ME 20
The Definite Integral​ ​ME 21
The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus​ ME 22
Indefinite Integrals and the Substitution Method​ ME 23
Area Between Curves​ ​ME 24









Find the limit of a function using limit theorems. ​​ME 1 ​PE 1
Compute left and right hand limits ME 2 ​PE 2
Calculate limits involving infinity ME 3 PE 3​
Find intervals upon which a function is continuous ME 4 PE 4​
Compute limits involving trigonometric functions ME 5 ​PE 5
Find the slope of a tangent line using the limit definition of the derivative. ​ME 6 ​PE 6
Determine where a given function is not continuous, not differentiable, or both ​ME 7 ​PE 7
Use the product and quotient rules to find a derivative ​ME 8 ​PE 8
Apply the chain rule to find a derivative ​ME 9 ​PE 9
Find the derivative of a function implicitly ​ME 10 ​PE 10
Use implicit differentiation to solve related rates problems. ​ME 11 ​PE 11
Use the derivative to locate and classify local extrema ​ME 12 ​PE 12
Use the second derivative to determine concavity ​ME 13 ​PE 13
Find the antiderivative of a function ​ME 14 ​PE 14
Use the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus to compute a definite integral ​ME 15 ​PE 15
Use the substitution method of compute a definite integral ​ME 16 ​PE 16
Compute the area between two curves ​ME 17 ​PE 17


Graphing Calculator Tutorials


The Graph of the function​
Limit ​
One -side Limits​
​Limits at Infinity
​Infinite Limits
​Tangent Lines
​Graph of a Function
​Definite Integral
Area Between Curves​


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