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AP1 Lecture Handouts and Learning Tools


General Handouts for the Course

 'A' students reveal how they make their 'A's.  ​

Flash Cards in a Flash Knowing your terminology is crucial to good scores. Sign up at this website, create digital flash cards for your terms, then use the "Quiz Me" app., $0.99 to drill yourself on your smart phone, iPad, laptop, etc. while you're waiting at soccer practice, the doctor's office, etc.

  Help Available = Supplemental Instructors

 Course Syllabus for Biol 2301 Lecture, James


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 Calendar & Exam Dates, AP1 Fast Track, spring 2017​   

 Lecture Exam D​ates, AP1 ONLINE, fall 2016 

[Often changes as semester progresses.  Check here for most current]
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Handouts for Exam 1

Study Guide for Exam 1

 Help Available = Supplemental Instructors

 My PPT slides, Unit 1 Part 1 - Intro, Homeostasis, Membrane structure   The most popular printing options are to switch from Full Page Slides to either Notes Pages or 2 Slides per Page; and from Print One Side Only to Print Both Sides to save paper; and switch from Color to Grayscale to save on expensive color ink.

Notice:  Our server sometimes doesn't play well with the web browsers Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.  Try switching to FireFox.  For me, many issues get solved and everything seems to load faster as well.  Thank you for your patience.  Our server is due to be upgraded within the year.




 Notice:  Sometimes PPT slideshows don't open when clicked.  In those cases go ahead and "Save" the file and then open it.  If it still doesn't work please contact me and I will investigate.








 My PPT slides, Unit 1 Part 2 - Membrane Transport and Chemical Reactions    

Video: Osmosis, Diffusion, Hyper-, Hypo-, and Isotonic 28 min

 Carbs, Lipids, and Proteins  - OYO

 My Unlabeled PPT images for study groups, self quizzing, story telling, etc.


 Handouts for Exam 2

Study Guide for Exam 2 - Membrane Potentials Inflammation and Tissue Repair.pdf

 Help Available = Supplemental Instructors

 My PPT slides for Unit 2 Lectures and Q&A - The most popular printing options are to switch from Full Page Slides to either Notes Pages or 2 Slides per Page; and from Print One Side Only to Print Both Sides to save paper; and switch from Color to Grayscale to save on expensive color ink.

**Bonus points available for good YouTube videos on exam 2 topics.**

Find ones with good animations and good narrations using terminology similar to ours.  You'll have to view several before you find the best.  Submit them as attachments to email.  Don't send me a bunch of crappy videos.  Be selective.

 Chemical Synapse  - story board 

 "What ifs" on membrane potentials. 


 Handouts for Exam 3

Study Guide for Exam 3 

 Help Available = Supplemental Instructors

 Unit 3 Part 1 - Covering membranes, Skin color, skin cancer

 Unit 3 Part 2 - Muscle Contraction and begin Energy for Contraction

 Unit 3 Part 3 - Last of Energy for Contraction

 Unit 3 part 4 - Bone Composition and Remodeling

 Muscle Contraction story board  

 ATP Production in skeletal muscle  (aka Energy for Contraction) - story board 


 Handouts for Exam 4 

Study Guide for Exam 4

 Help Available = Supplemental Instructors

 Unit 4 Part 1 - Nervous System topics through depression

 Unit 4 Part 2 - Nerves through BBB

 Unit 4 part 3 - The Autonomic Nervous System

Video:  The Chemical Synapse simplified  2 min

Video:  The Chemical Synapse - more depth  5 min

Video:  Neurotransmitters Discovered  3 min

Video:  The ANS - a crash course  9 min

 OYO - Neurotransmitters

 OYO - Generic effects of Drugs and Meds

 OYO - Neurotransmitter "Hall of fame"    

 OYO - Divisions of the CNS and their Functions  (given in lab but fair game for lecture exam 4) 


 Handouts for Exam 5   

Study Guide for Exam 5 

 Help Available = Supplemental Instructors

 Unit 5 Part 1 - Endocrine Intro thru Control of ECF Calcium

 Unit 5 Part 2 - Blood Glucose, DM Types I & II, GDM 

 Unit 5 Part 3 - Na, K, BV, BP, Stress Responses, etc. 

 Intro to Hormones and the Endocrine System - OYO  

 Control of Osmolality by ADH - story board

 Control of Blood glucose - story board   



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