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AP2 Lab Learning Tools

General Handouts for the course.

  Lab Topics Sequence

  How the 'A' students do it

When is the AP1 lab room (HS222) available for my study group or for more hands on time?

The Lab Activity Sheets you need to bring to lab each week are not found on this page.  They are on the Web of Life.  See link to left.





Lab 1

 Lab 1 - Lab Activity Sheets    These are provided to you for Lab 1.  For labs 2 - 12 you need to print out your own from our Web of Life web page and bring them to lab with you.  A link to the Web of Life is in the navigation pane to your left. 

  Lab 1 - Unlabeled slides for self quizzing 


*NOTE* To access PPTs below you will likely need to enter your user name and password. If accessing from off campus you will likely also need to include BCnet\ in front of your user name.   
If it still doesn't open then try BCnet\apstudent as user name and teachme2013 as the password. If still having trouble please call BC's IT help desk at 230-3266








Lab 2

  My PPT images for Conduction System, ECG, & Cardiac Output     Contains slides for presentation and unlabeled slides of self quizzing.  Print in whatever format suits you best.


Lab 3

  My PPT images for Heart sounds, Valves, Coronary vessels, Atherosclerosis 


Lab 4

  My PPT images for Vessels, BF, BP, Lymphatic System 


Lab 5

  My PPT images for Hepatic portal, ABO groups and Rh types, Blood glucose  


Lab 6

  My PPT Images for lab 6 - Digestive System  and Blood Glucose    


Lab 7

Images for Lab 7 - Respiration, None on PPt.  Use those in text.


Lab 8

   My PPT images for Lab 8 - Kidneys      


Lab 9

         **Everything in Labs 9 & 10 is fair game for lecture exam 4**

   My PPT images for lab 9 - pH and Acid-Base balance    


For self quizzing AFTER you have been to lab....  Self Quizzes - kidneys, pH, Intro to Acid-Base Balance 



Lab 10

        **Everything in labs 9 & 10 is fair game for lecture exam 4**

            My PPT images for lab 10 - pH and Acid-Base balance

For self quizzing AFTER you have been to lab.... Self Quiz - Acid-Base Balance, the mechanisms  


 Labs 11 & 12

          **Everything in labs 11 & 12 is fair game for lecture exam 5**

  PPT slides for lab 11 - Reproductive, week 1   

My notes for lab 11


  PPT slides for lab 12 - Reproductive, week 2



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