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James, Jerry
Office Location:HS-225e
Dept:Math & Life Sciences
Title:Faculty, Math/Science

Jerry James - Professor of Human Anatomy & Physiology 

Why do I teach?  I teach because I have been given the ability to help students learn large amounts of complex material in a logical, coherent, retainable manner.  A complex concept is nothing more than a series of simple concepts logically interconnected.  I help students make those connections.   

The human body is a marvelous piece of craftsmanship - God's masterpiece of creation.  I enjoy revealing its intricacies to inquisitive and appreciative students.


"Teaching is more than just telling.  Learning is more than just listening." 

People tend to fulfill your expectations of them.  If you expect little then little is what they deliver.  If you expect much then people strive to deliver much.  Most of us are capable of much more than we realize.  In my classroom I set the bar a bit higher than what most students can comfortably reach and then I do all I can to enable students to reach it. 

Every teacher should bring to their classroom:  knowledge of the subject, enthusiasm for teaching, as well as organized and effective teaching methods.  

Every student should come with: enthusiasm for learning, a teachable spirit, and effective study habits.  

When all these are present at the same time the classroom is a great place to be and I have the best job in the world!


Born and raised in south Texas (Brownsville) where I was active in the Scouting program and Explorer Scouts until age 20.  Eagle Scout.  Graduate of Texas A&M University.   Gig 'em Aggies!!!


I Believe... should be thriving not just surviving

...we should and can know right from wrong and are free to choose to do right.
...we are capable of much more than we realize.
...each person can make a positive difference in this world 

Ministry:  Founder of Financial H.O.P.E. Ministry.    H.O.P.E. = "Helping Other People Excel."     I present seminars to  students, churches, work places, home groups, etc. equipping people with the knowledge and tools to handle $$ wisely and build true wealth.  It is easy to be a millionaire in America if you are willing live debt free and invest faithfully.  It's crazy to spend your whole life working hard just to make payments to banks and credit card companies and never get ahead yourself.


Travels and Life Experiences Alaska, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Caribbean, Cozumel, France, Germany, Hawaii, Mexico, Nova Scotia, Netherlands, Switzerland, and 40+ states; I've canoed, kayaked, and rafted more than 4,000+ miles; been spelunking a mile deep into the earth, flown in a glider, hiked with bears in Alaska, flown in a hot-air balloon, zip lined in Hawaii, skied in Canada, Michigan, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah, and snorkeled in the Caribbean, the Great Barrier Reef, and Hawaiian Islands.

Recreational interests:   Fishing, cycling, volleyball, tennis, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, white-water rafting, sailing, snorkeling, and snow skiing. 

Previous Occupationsdishwasher, cook, cashier, laboratory assistant, and licensed plumber.
11 years experience teaching volleyball, racquetball, tennis, archery, and as Director of an Intramural Sports Program;  
7 yrs. experience in EMS - 5 as a Paramedic

20+ years experience teaching Human Anatomy and Physiology and Nutrition.











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