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Litton, Craig
Phone:(v) 979-230-3507 (f) 979-230-3341
Office Location:L-202B
Dept:Physical Sciences and Process Technologies
Title:Associate Professor, and Program Coordinator, Safety, Health and Environmental Management

BRAZOSPORT COLLEGE                                                                                   2004-Present

Associate Professor, Safety Health and Environmental Management

·         Program Coordinator for SHEM program in Construction Trades Division through 2012, Physical Sciences and Process Technologies Division 2013-Present
·         Supervises, recruits adjunct SHEM instructors
·         Short and long term program development, scheduling, budgeting, planning
·         Course author and developer for 20+ courses
·         Helped create Bachelors of Applied Technology SHEM topic degree program
·         Tenure Awarded Spring 2009
·         From Fall 04 through 2012
o   Supervised Program with 1 additional FT and 14 PT Instructors (2-3/semester)
o   Taught ~1,800 students in 150 sections
o   Total Program taught ~3,100 students in ~225 sections


Houston Training Center                                                                                         2003-Present

Adjunct Associate Professor

·         Industrial and aviation/aerospace safety and other courses
·         Classroom and Distance Learning
·         50+ Course Sections, multiple Master’s Project Committees 740+ students through 2012 50/50 classroom/online



School Of Public Health

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Occupational and Environmental Health

·         Lecturer,  e.g. safety program management, NASA/OSHA VPP, system safety

Proprietor                                                                                                                  2001-2009

·         Occasional private practice as consultant and underwriting safety inspections

HOUSTON GRAND OPERA, Houston, Texas                                                    2001-2002      

Safety Manager
·         Developed experimental safety program for union stagehands
·         Lowered accident rate by 50% and worker comp claims by 90%, to lowest in 10 years
·         Obtained $160,000 WC premium reduction against allowable rate; ER was 2.13
·         Obtained $140,000 in capital support for safety repairs and equipment from City of Houston

WYLE LABORATORIES, Houston, Texas                                                           1997-2001

Wyle purchased KRUG International, operating three NASA/JSC Medical Sciences contracts.

Manager Health and Safety (Senior Staff)

·         The program resulted in 4 years of no lost-time cases, incident rate of <1, for two million man-hours of work, average annual WC claims under $10,000 for workforce of 500
·         Grew the safety program to meet needs, adding staff, implementing new programs for office ergonomics, forklift safety and  initiating multi-year company VPP preparation
·         Expanded support for NASA JSC safety in key role establishing NASA/JSC Biosafety Control Board, and representing JSC as a visiting OSHA VPP inspector
·         Promoted to senior staff as one of five key personnel for the Medical Sciences Integration Contract, safety manager over three contracts
·         Technical volume manager on occupational health contract bid
·         Radiation Safety Officer

KRUG INTERNATIONAL, Houston, Texas                                                         1987-1996

Safety Officer 1989-1996

·         Established occupational safety program for NASA/JSC medical sciences laboratories.
·         The customer elevated and grew the position over a series of three contracts as a result of the program development and tasked me to frequently represent the Space Life Sciences Directorate in JSC center-wide safety program activities.
·         Developed and presented company orientation and required OSHA safety training for over 1,000 new hires and ongoing training for a workforce of 500

Assistant to the Project Manager     1987 –1996

·         Supported growth of company from 80 to 500 employees by troubleshooting difficult multi-department conflicts, operational and inter-disciplinary problems via negotiation, chairing task force meetings and executing special business assignments.  
·         Participated as writer for two contract bids resulting in over $350 million in business

TECHNOLOGY INCORPORATED, Houston, Texas                                         1981-1986

Supervisor Biomathematics/Computer Science Group
·         Contract proposal coordinator and editor for winning $100+ million consolidation contract.
·         Converted biomedical research techniques for NASA/JSC astronaut biomedical research from hand calculated t-test p values to modern biomathematics while supervising group of computer programmers and Ph.D. statisticians.
MONTROSE CLINIC, Inc., Houston Texas                                                          1981-1985
Charity clinic for sexually transmitted diseases, pioneer in AIDS response

Volunteer                                                                   1981-1985

Founding Member Board of Trustees                    1982-1985

First Corporate Treasurer                                       1982-1984
Administrative Director, COO                                 1984
·         Over 10,000 patients were served during my board tenure; I supervised about half of all clinic sessions in first two years
·         Member of core leadership team that established, and managed the clinic, one of three incorporating trustees
·         Recruited powerful community board leaders, resulting in broad support
·         Established fiscal, business systems, filings, and integrity of the organization
·         Obtained approval for AIDS as a state health priority and commitment to hold first Texas statewide conference on AIDS by representing clinic at state health planning conference
·         Secured legislative support for program by testifying before legislative task force panel

University of Texas at Houston, Education and Research Computer Center

Texas Medical Center                                  

Applications Manager                                                                                              1979-1980

M.D. Anderson Hospital, Houston, Texas                                                              1969-1980

Computer Programmer/Research Analyst, Department of Biomathematics,
·         Editorial Board, International Journal of Life Support and Biosphere Science 1996-2001
·         State of Texas, Workforce Education Curriculum Manual Review Conference for EPCT, Environmental courses, June 2006
·         ASSE Technical Advisory Group for ISO 31000 Risk Management, 2008-present
·         State of Texas, Workforce Education Curriculum Manual Review Conference for OSHT, Occupational Safety and Health courses, June 2010
·         American Society of Safety Engineers
·         Fellow, Linnean Society of London

School of Public Health, Texas Medical Center, Houston, Texas

Doctor of Public Health in Occupational Health and Aerospace Medicine                     1996

·         Dissertation: Establishing Occupational and Environmental Health Design Requirements for Lunar and Mars Settlements

Master of Public Health, Health Service Organizations                                                    1979

·         Project: Utilization of Ambulatory Care in a Student Health Service

UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON, Houston Texas                                                                 1971

Bachelor of Sciences in Biophysical Sciences
McMurry College, Abilene, Texas                                                                               1967-1969

Chemistry Major on Four-year full-tuition scholarship

 ·         Approved Professional Source, Texas Workers Compensation Commission, #1844 – expired with closure of TWCC, merged into TDI
·         Certified Safety and Health Manager, Institute for Safety and Health Management #1204 –not renewed after  2008 (dues)
·         Certified Data Professional, Institute for Certification of Computer Professionals #770977
·         Field Safety Representative, Texas Workers Compensation Commission, 15 January 2003 – expired with closure of TWCC, merged into TDI
·         Loss Control Representative, Texas Department of Insurance, 7 January 2003
·         40-Hour Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor Initial Course, Meets EPA, TDH, LDEQ Requirements, Certificate T03-197-2, Expired 26 September 2004
 ·         Certificate of Exemplary Performance, Quality Assurance Special Achievement Recognition (QUASAR) Award 1999, NASA/JSC Safety, Reliability and Quality Assurance Directorate
·         House Resolution 16, 71st Legislature, First Called Session, House of Representatives, State of Texas, June 1989
·         Craig E. Litton Day – Proclamation by Mayor, City of Houston, December 1985
·         Distinguished Service Award, Board of Trustees, The Montrose Clinic, December 1985
·         NASA STS-4 Mission Recognition Flag Award, 1984
·         NASA First Shuttle Flight Achievement Award, 1981
·         Litton, CE, “Issue Coordinator’s Comments”, International Journal of Life Support and Biosphere Science, V4, pp89-91, 1997.
·         Litton, CE, "Lessons Learned from Studying Design Issues for Lunar and Mars Settlements", International Journal Of Life Support and Biosphere Science, V4, pp127-144, 1997.
·         Samaan, NA, Litton, CE, et al.  "Impact of Therapy for Differentiated Carcinoma of the Thyroid: An Analysis of 706 Cases", Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, 56, 6:1131-1138, June 1983.
·         Litton, CE "Acquiring Multichannel Analyzer Spectra with a Mini Computer," Computer Programs in Biomedicine 7, 4:256- 266, December 1977.
·         Litton CE, Fire Warden Handbook, Houston Grand Opera, November 2001.
·         Litton CE, Emergency Handbook, Houston Grand Opera, September 2001.
·         Litton, CE, Safety Policy and Procedure Manual, Wyle Laboratories, 2000-2001.
·         Litton, CE, ed, Chemical Hygiene Program Reference Manuals, Wyle Laboratories, Version 2.0, June 1999.
·         Litton, CE, ed, Safety and Health Plan, Wyle Laboratories, Version 7, September 1998.
·         Walker, SA and Litton, CE, Fire Warden Handbook, Wyle Laboratories, July 1998.
·         Litton, CE, ed Safe Handling And Usage Of Compressed Gas Cylinders And Systems, or How To Prevent Your Cylinder From Turning Into A Rocket, Wyle Laboratories, May 1998.
·         Litton, CE, ed, Safety and Health Plan, KRUG Life Sciences, Houston, Texas, Version 1 April 1991 to Version 6, December 1998.
·         Litton, CE, ed, Biological Hazards and Infection Control Procedures, KRUG Life Sciences, Houston, Version 1, July 1994, Version 2, September 1996.
·         Litton, CE, ed, Chemical Hygiene Procedures, KRUG Life Sciences, Houston, Version 1, July 1994, Version 2, September 1996.
·         Litton, CE, ed, Safety and Health Plan, Space Life Sciences Directorate, NASA, Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, Houston, 1993.
·         Litton, CE. ed, Manual of Administrative Policy and Procedure, The Montrose Clinic, Houston, Texas, May 1984.
·         Litton, CE and Bedner, TD, M.D., Manual of Medical Policy and Procedure, The Montrose Clinic, Houston, Texas, May 1984.
·         Litton, CE, ed, Proceedings of the Fifth Annual SPSS Users' Conference, ISSUE '81, San Francisco, California, May 1982.
·         Litton, CE, ed, Proceedings of the Fourth Annual SPSS Users' Conference, ISSUE '80, Alexandria, Virginia, December, 1981.
·         Soper, JT and Litton, CE, eds, Proceedings of the Second Annual SPSS Users' Conference, ISSUE '78, Chicago, Illinois, April 1981.
·         Litton, CE and Hokanson, JA, eds, Proceedings of the Third Annual SPSS Users' Conference, ISSUE '79, Alexandria, Virginia, January 1981. 
·         Ong, PS, Lund, PK, Litton, CE, Mitchell, BA, "An Energy Dispersive System for the Analysis of Trace Elements in Human Blood Serum."  X-Ray Analysis, Vol. 17, Birks, S,  Barret, CS, and Newkirk, JB, eds., New York, N.Y., Plenum publishing Corp., January 1973.
·         “Research Opportunities in Risk Management”, ASSE 2012 Professional Development Conference, Denver, Colorado, 6 June 2012.
·         “Research Opportunities in Risk Management”, National Safety Council 2012 Texas Safety Conference and Expo, Galveston Texas, 20 March 2012
·         “Research Opportunities in Risk Management”, ASSE Gulf Coast Chapter 5 January 2012
·         “Research Opportunities in Risk Management”, Faculty Lecture, EOHS Research Seminar Series, UTSPH, Houston, Texas, 4 March 2011.
·         “Overview of Safety Management Systems”, Faculty Lecture, UTSPH, Houston, Texas, 3 November 2009.
·         "Career Issues for Safety Professionals and Industrial Hygiene Personnel", Faculty Lecture, University of Northern Illinois, DeKalb, Illinois, 3 March 2003.
·         “Lessons Learned Studying Design Issues for Lunar and Mars Settlements”, Class Lecture, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, North Dakota, 10 February 2003.
·         “Safety Management Concepts”, Class Lecture, Embry-Riddle, Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach, Florida, 23 January 2003
·         "Safety Management Concepts”, Class Lecture, UTSPH, Houston, Texas, 17 September 2002.
·         “Risky Business, Steps to Safety Onstage and Off”, Panelist, Opera America Conference, Toronto, Canada, 21 April 2002.
·         “Implementing the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard”, Voluntary Protection Program Participants Associations Region VI Conference, Corpus Christi, Texas, March 2001.
·         “System Safety Concepts”, Class lecture, UT School of Public Health, Spring 2001.
·         “Encountering the OSHA Voluntary Protection Program at NASA/JSC and Wyle  Laboratories”, Class lecture at UT School of Public Health, 14 November 2000.
·         “Lessons Learned from Studying Design Issues for Lunar and Mars Settlements", 4th  International Conference on Life Support & Biosphere Science, Orlando, January 1998.
·         "Lessons Learned from Studying Design Issues for Lunar and Mars Settlements", 4th International Conference on Biospherics, London, 10-11 April 1996.
·         "Interdisciplinary Air and Water Aspects of Closure of Space Life Support Systems", 2nd International Design for Extreme Environments Association conference, Montreal, Canada, 24-27 October 1993, by Litton, CE with Crump, WJ.
·         "A Retrospective on the Health and Pollution Problems of Eastern Europe", 2nd International Design for Extreme Environments Association conference, Montreal, Canada, 24-27 October 1993, by Litton, CE with Vanderploeg, JM.
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·          "Pollution in Eastern Europe and the Arcata California Experience", invited poster presentation, 25th Anniversary Celebration, University of Texas School of Public Health, Houston, Texas, 20 November 1992.
·         "Pollution in East Europe: A Message for the Public Health", Huntsville Botanical Garden, Huntsville, Alabama, 25 June 1992.
·         "Pollution in Eastern Europe", ECOWORLD 92, Washington, DC, June 14-18, 1992, by  Litton, CE, with Vanderploeg, JM.
·         "Developing Applications with Computer Systems: Planning to Succeed", invited presentation, Laser Laboratory, Brooks Air Force Base, San Antonio, TX, January 27, 1989. 
·         "Use of LOTUS 1-2-3 to Create a Financial System", invited presentation at the University of Texas School of Public Health, May 1984.
·         "Characterization of Man's Susceptibility to Motion Sickness by the Hormonal Profile in Plasma."  Aerospace Medical Association, 55th Annual Scientific Meeting, San Diego, California, May 1984, by Kohl, RL with Lin, KK, and Litton, CE.
·         Conference and workshop participant.  Texas Conference on Disease Prevention and Health Promotion: 1990 Objectives, Houston, Texas, September 13-14, 1983.
·         "Prediction of Susceptibility to Motion Sickness", the 54th Annual Meeting of the Aerospace  Medical Association, May 1983 by Homick, JL with Reschke, MF, Ryan, PC, Litton, CE,  Lary, CL and Baker JT.
·         "Data Handling Tools in a Laboratory Environment" Presented at ISSUE Conference '81, 5th Annual SPSS Users and Coordinators Conference, October 25-28, 1981, San Francisco, California, by Litton, CE with Thompson, SG, and Forrest, LJ.
·         "Therapy Impact on Differentiated Carcinoma of Thyroid." Presented at Endocrine Society Meeting, Cincinnati, Ohio, June 14-19, 1981 by Samaan, NA, with Maheshwari, YK, Hill, CS, Hayne, TP, Hickey, RC, Clark, RL, Martin RG, and Litton, CE.
·         "A Short Course on SPSS Survival Analysis" presented at ISSUE Conference '78, 2nd Annual SPSS Users and Coordinators Conference, October 8-11, 1978, Chicago.
·         "An Energy Dispersive System for the Analysis of Trace Elements in Human Blood Serum."  Presented at the 20th Annual Denver X-Ray Conference (1971), by Ong, PS with Lund, PK,  Mitchell, BA, and Litton, CE.
SFTY 311 Fundamentals of Occupational Health & Safety
SFTY 341 Occupational Health and Safety Program Management
SFTY 345 Aviation Safety Management
SFTY 409 Aviation Safety
ASCI 513 Space Life Support Systems
ASCI 604 Human Factors
ASCI 605 Methods and Procedures for Graduate Project
ASCI 611 Aviation/ Aerospace System Safety
ASCI 612 Aviation/ Aerospace Industrial Safety Management
Bachelor Level Technical Management
TMGT 3355 Human Factors and Ergonomics
TMGT 4305 System Safety
TMGT 4350 Industrial Safety Mgt
Associate Degree Program
Safety Technology
OSHT 1380 Co Op I
OSHT 1381 Co Op II
OSHT 2380 Co Op III
OSHT 1309 Physical Hazards
OSHT 1313 Accident Investigation
OSHT 1321 Fire Safety *
OSHT 1401 Intro to SHEM
OSHT 1405 OSHA Construction Regulations
OSHT 2309 Safety Program Mgt
OSHT 2401 OSHA General Regulations
Environmental Technology
EPCT 1305 Environmental Regulations
EPCT 1311 Introduction to Environmental Science
EPCT 1350 IH Math *
EPCT 1341 Principles of Industrial Hygiene – course renumbered, lab added
EPCT 1441 Principles of Industrial Hygiene
EPCT 2300 DOT Regulations *
EPCT 2331 Industrial Hygiene Applications – course renumbered, lab added
EPCT 2431 Industrial Hygiene Applications
* Developed Syllabus but not taught

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