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AP 1 Lab Page

Anatomy & Physiology 1 Lab Resources

Fall 2014


Lab Syllabus and Schedule


Lab 1 - August 25 Week  (We DO meet lab the first week)  -  The first week, just show up  (Room HS-222 upstairs) , we will have handouts for you, and show you how to use the web site.  


Lab 1 - August 25 Week

Quadrants, regions, organs, Body Planes & directional terminology


 (NO NEED TO PRINT THIS WEEK - we will supply it.) 
























NO LAB- September 1 Week - Labor Day


Lab 2 - September 8 Week

Serous Membranes, Cell Membrane, Skin, Synovial Joints

 Note:  IF you cannot open pdf files, go HERE to download free adobe reader.  Then pdf will work.



                                  Notes on Serous Membranes














                                  PP – Serous Membranes


Lab 3 - September 15 Week

Axial Skeleton, Anatomy of bone



PP For this lab





Lab 4 - September 22 Week

Appendicular skeleton, generic anatomy of long bones




















Lab 5 -September 29  Week

Neuron, spinal cord, meninges






Lab 6 - October 6 Week

Brain & Blood supply to the brain, Neural function & Assessment







Lab 7 - October 13 Week  -  Comprehensive Mid-Term for Labs 1-6 -  150 Points


Lab 8 - October 20 Week

Cranial nerves, pain, & dissection of brain


 Cranial Nerves

Lab 9 - October 27 Week

Movements at synovial joints & muscles of the torso, face, and neck





Lab 10 November 3 Week

Muscles of the arms and legs

  pdf  Word

Concept Cards -

Muscles of the Appendages - Study Aid

 PDF Version

 PP Version




Lab 11 - November 10  Week

Endocrine glands and hormones

pdf  Word

Hormone Hall of Fame

Flashcards for Hormones Set 1










Lab 12 - November 17 Week

Eye, ear, & dissection of eye

pdf  Word

 Hormone Hall of Fame

High Frequencies test (Link not active)








 "Blind Spot" - Video clip (Link not active)

Lab 13 - November 24  Week for Mon/Tue labs 

Wed lab, week after Thanksgiving

Final Examination for lab






IMPORTANT NOTE:  LAST CHANCE FOR LAB FINAL is Wednesday, Dec 3.  9:30 AM.  Anyone who has not taken it yet, come to the lab then. 

Since we don't have PIN numbers for lab, I will post your grades directly to the BC website.  You will have to log in to "MyBC".  I will get those posted by early next week.

Hope to see you back for A&P 2 in the Spring!

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