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AP 2 Biol 2402

Biology 2402 – A&P II – Spring 2015   

The Whole Semester at a Glance


Textbook: Human Anatomy & Physiology, Marieb, 9th Edition


        (9th Edition book):   Human Anatomy and Physiology by Elaine N. Marieb and Katja N. Hoehn (2012, Hardcover, Revised) Image



(8th edition acceptable).  Human Anatomy and Physiology by Elaine Nicpon Marieb and Katja N. Hoehn (2009, Hardcover) Image


Course Syllabus Outline & Schedule (I will hand these out the first day)


Link to Online Homework   (Your Correct Course ID is AP2SPRING2015)

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Mastering A and P (Online Instruction Sheet) AND You will use your account from last semester - you don't have to pay again!

Web of Life

SI Resources Page

Section 1:  6 Class Periods:

Chapter 17 – Blood

              Class 1 – Blood & Hemoglobin  pdf version

              Class 2 – Clotting & Anemia  pdf

Chapter 18 – Cardiovascular System: The Heart

               Class 3 – The Heart – Part 1  pdf

               Class 4 – The Heart – Part 2  pdf

               Class 5 – The Heart – Part 3  pdf

Chapter 19 – Cardiovascular System

               Class 6 – Blood Pressure  pdf

               Class 7 -  Blood Flow  (Finish slides from class 6)

Other Resources:

               Discovery Video – Blood

               Heart Disease PP Slides

               Progeria – Aging of the arteries               

               Class Notes & Questions

EXAM 1 –  8 AM and 5:15 PM Wednesday, February 4th.

TEST 1 Grades - Posting removed


Section 2:  4 Class Periods:

Chapter 19B - Tissue Perfusion pdf

Chapter 20 – Lymphatic System 

               Class 1 - Lymphatic System (Also covered in Lab)

Chapter 21 – Immune System: Innate and Adaptive Body Defenses: 

 Part A  PP pdf

 Part B  PP pdf 

Other Resources:

               Discovery Video – Vaccines

               Discovery Video – Fighting Cancer (In class only)


               Practice Quiz  PDF

               Review Questions for Immune System  pdf

EXAM 2 – 8 AM and 5:15 PM Monday, February 23, 2014

EXAM 2 Grades - ALL Posted  

Section 3:  6 Class Periods:

Chapter 22 –  Respiratory System

               PP  pdf – Respiratory System

               Pneumothorax and Hemothorax  pdf

               Study Questions for Respiration  pdf (50 Questions)

Chapter 23 –  Digestive System

               Part 2PP  or PDF  Digestive Slides

                Study Questions pdf for Digestive System

Chapter 24 – Body Temperature Regulation & Heat Related Illnesses

               Part 3 - pdf  Thermal Regulation & Cholesterol

              (No Study Questions for Chapter 24)           

Other Resources:

               GERDpdf Honors Presentation

               PP   pdf  Potential Discussion questions

                       Exam 3 – 8 AM and 5:15 PM Wednesday, March 25

                       EXAM 3 Grades - 8 AM & 5 PM Posted here             

         Section 4:  5 Class Periods: 

Chapter 25 – Urinary System

               Urinary System Slides - PDF Form full page only

               Urinary System Slides - Powerpoint, may print notes pages (Same as above)

               Urinary System Study Guide PP PDF   

               Study Questions for Urinary System  PP PDF

Chapter 26 – Fluid, Electrolyte, and Acid-Base Balance

               Fluid Balance Slides         

              Fluid Balance

              Acid Base Balance

               Electrolyte Imbalances -  Effects on Heart

               ABG Handout

               ABG One more puzzle

Other Resources:

               ABG Course Module

               Urine Analysis Course Module

               Renal Function Test Course Module       

               Kidney Stones  

 Exam 4 – 8 AM and 5:15 PM Wednesday, April 15

       EXAM 4 Grades -  All Classes (Posted NOW)  

Section 5:  2 Class Periods: 

 (NOTE:  We will not have time to cover all of this, you will be responsible for the remainder on your own.)

Chapter 27 – Reproductive Systems

              Part 1 PP  PDF– Reproductive system presentation (Updated)

Chapter 28 – Pregnancy and Childbirth

              Part 2  PP PDF– Reproduction (Covered in lab)

Other Resources               

               E.D. Video (That's embryonic development, what did you think it was?)

No Discussion Questions on Test 5 or FInal

Exam 5 – 8 AM and 5:15 PM Monday, April 27 

EXAM 5 Grades   (All Posted​

Pre-Final Class Grades -  Posted here  (NOW POSTED​!)

FINAL EXAMS – offered 8 AM and 5 PM, Monday, May 4th.  (You may attend either one.)

Final Grades Posted here​  (All Now Posted)


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