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Associate of Applied Science Degree
 Chemical Technology - Laboratory Technician Option
 For students planning to seek admission to Brazosport College’s Bachelor of Applied Technology program,
 refer to the Brazosport College catalog for the suggested 4-year program of study.



First Semester

Course                                             Title                                                                                                                 Credit Hours

CHEM 1311/11111                            General Chemistry I/Lab1                                                                                       4

MATH 1314 2                                   College Algebra or Approved Math Elective 2                                                       3

PTAC 1432                                       Process Instrumentation I                                                                                        4

PTAC 1410                                       Process Technology I - Equipment                                                                         4

PSYC 1300                                       Learning Framework or other social/behavioral science course

                                                             with approval of Division Chair                                                                          3


Second Semester

Course                                             Title                                                                                                                Credit Hours

ENGL 1301                                      Composition and Rhetoric I                                                                                     3

MATH 1342 2                                   Statistics or Approved Math Elective 2                                                                   3

CHEM 1312/1112                              General Chemistry II/Lab                                                                                      4

PTAC 1308                                       Safety, Health, and Environment I                                                                          3


Third Semester

Course                                             Title                                                                                                                Credit Hours

SPCH                                               Speech Elective                                                                                                         3

CHEM 2323/2123                              Organic Chemistry I/Lab                                                                                        4

CTEC 1401 or                                  Applied Petrochemical Technology (Technical Physics) or

  PHYS 1301/1101                             College Physics I/Lab                                                                                          4

CTEC 1441                                       Applied Instrumental Analysis I                                                                               4


Fourth Semester

Course                                             Title                                                                                                                 Credit Hours

CHEM 2325/2125                              Organic Chemistry II/Lab                                                                                       4

PTAC 23863                                      Internship I-Process Technology/Technician3                                                          3

Humanities Elective                           ARTS 1301, DRAM 1310, ENGL 2322, 2323, 2327, 2328, 2331,

                                                                2342 or 2343, HUMA 1301, MUSI 1306, or PHIL 1301                                 3

CTEC 2431                                        Applied Instrumental Analysis II                                                                            4



1    Prerequisite: Grade of C or better in high school chemistry, grade of C or better in CHEM 1305/1105 or approval of the division chair.

2    Approved Math electives may be chosen from MATH 1316, MATH 2412, MATH 2413, and MATH 2414.

   Internship positions will be provided when available, but otherwise the student must obtain their own employment which is applicable to plant or laboratory operations.  Approved internship electives may be chosen from BCIS 1405 or PTAC 2420. ​


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