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Hands on learning activities cover the cardiovascular, digestive, lymphatic, respiratory, urinary and reproductive systems.  pH and acid-base balance are covered as well.

 Life Support


In the future this will connect you to BC's "Life Guards" - students who have already been successful in the very course you are taking.  They can show you how to save yourself before you go under... never to be seen again. 

In the mean time "Swim baby! Swim!"

 Learning Playground


A collection of cool videos, interesting articles, activities, etc. related to lecture and labs.  They are organized by topic for lecture and by lab# for labs.  Some will be "Wow, that's amazing."  Others will be "OH!!! That's sooooo gross."  Others will be just plain fun.

**When you find relevant videos, tutorials, games etc. please send them to your instructor for possible addition.  This is a community effort to create a collection of helpful resources to share with ALL students.


 All Instructors


Links to the coolest instructors on the planet.

We love to be contacted by motivated students interested in the same things we are.  While it's true... a few students have had their heads bitten off, chewed up, and spit out...  it is rare.

So go ahead; give us a call. C'mon, I dare ya!


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