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AP1 Labs

Web Part Page Title Bar image Lab Activity Sheets - Print & bring to lab weekly.  Most students find it time efficient to print all the lab activity sheets at once.  That's one less thing to remeber to do each week.If you find videos you think are better please submit to your instructor for consideration

Videos, articles, etc. here are required and fair game for your lab quizzes.

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Lab 1 - Body Cavities, Serous Membranes, Organs, Quadrants, Regions, Directional Terminology, and Body Planes

pdf - Lab Activity Sheets






Lab 2 - Skin, Synovial Joints 

 pdf - Lab Activity Sheets


Video:   Total Knee arthoplasty.    11 min


Video:  Knee Replacement Surgery      11 min



Lab 3 - Axial Skeleton, Microscopic Bone Anatomy

pdf - Lab Activity Sheets

Interactive Images: Bones and Features



Lab 4 - Appendicular Skeleton, Generic Bone Features

 pdf - Lab Activity Sheets

Interactive Images:  Bones and Features



Lab 5 - Neurons, Spinal Cord, Meninges

pdf - Lab Activity Sheets





Lab 6 - Brain 

 pdf - Lab Activity Sheets





                  Lab 7

Comprehensive Lab Mid-Term



Lab 8 - Cranial Nerves, Pain, & Dissection of Brain

pdf - Lab Activity Sheets





Lab 9 - Movements at synovial joints & Muscles of the torso, face, and neck

pdf - Lab Activity Sheets


Video:  Movements seen at Synovial Joints     9 min



Lab 10 - Muscles of the Arms and Legs

pdf - Lab Activity Sheets

Video:  Movements seen at Synovial Joints     9 min

For some reason this PPT doesn't always Open.  The solution is to Save it first and then open it.  Even when you Save it you may get an error msg.  In my case it was saved anyway and I was then able to open it.



Lab 11 - Endocrine Glands and Hormones

pdf - Lab Activity Sheets

Video:  Insulin - How it Works     5 min



Lab 12 - Eye, Ear, & Dissection of Eye

pdf- Lab Activity Sheets

Article:  Dangerous Decibels    

Article:  High Frequencies test




 Lab 13 Comprehensive Lab Final

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