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AP2 Lab Playground

Lab 01

Lab 02

Heart beating outside of the body    

Intrinsic conduction system related to ECG sequence of contraction       

Intrinsic Conduction system.  No audio.  Note how the AP passes sequentially through the atria first and then throughout the ventricles but from the apex upward.    

Flash Cards for just about any topic you want. Click on Math & Science, then Anatomy, and then type in the name of any system you want cardiovascular, respiratory, urinary, etc.


Lab 03

Tricuspid valve regurgitation

Dissection of Human Heart    14 min

 Useful links on coronary vessels, angioplasty, stents, etc. Click on the titles above the beating heart to get to numerous links. Some are videos. Some are text.

 Good video on angioplasty and stent installation   10 min

Lab 04

Lab 05

Lab 06

Lab 07

Lab 08

Lab 09

Lab 10

Lab 12

Child Birth Orgasm - say what???

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