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AP2 Labs
Materials Common to all Instructors

Print Lab Activity Sheets & bring to lab weekly. Videos, etc. here are REQUIRED.

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Lab 1

Blood & Heart    

Lab Activity Sheets 


Silent video showing path of blood flow with oxygenation changes 

Good explanation of Pericardial sac  

The "Circulation Song"

 "Pump Your Blood Song"



Lab 2

Cardiac Conduction, ECGs, Pacemakers, Defibrillators, & Cardiac Output     

 Lab Activity Sheets

video on conduction system and pacemakers

video on conduction system

Conducting system and EKG   

Surgery:  Pacemaker Implantation   6 min

video on 'normal sinus rhythm,' sinus bradycardia, and sinus tachycardia

video of an ECG tracing. [It does change about midway and at the end.  Identify the two rhythms by name.


Lab 3

Coronary Vessels, Valves, Heart Sounds, & Dissection   

Lab Activity Sheets

Heart sounds, Normal

Heart sounds, Abnormal 

Plaque, Thrombus, and tPA, 3 min

Atherosclerosis, Plaque, Angina Pectoris, Heart Attack, Cardiac Arrest, Heart Failure,  11 min  [What he identifies as left coronary artery should be left anterior descending.  And, what he calls thrombosis should be embolus.  Otherwise... excellent explanation.]

Acute Myocardial Infarction (AMI) and treatment with tPA, 10 min

Angioplasty and Stent insertion  (9 min)


Lab 4

Vessels, BF, BP, ABO blood Groups, Rh blood types,  & Lymphatic System   

 Lab Activity Sheets  

Blood vessels anatomy  3 min  

The Lymphatic System   11 min





Lab 5

Liver Functions, Hepatic Portal System, Blood Glucose, Insulin Shock, DKA  


Lab Activity Sheets

 Insulin - How it Works

What blood groups and types are the most common?




Lab 6

Comprehensive Lab Mid-Term  

Lab room not available to study groups Tuesday/Wednesday

Lab 7

Respiratory System, Dissection, VO2 Max  

 Lab Activity Sheets

Awake cricothyrotomy and endotracheal intubation



Lab 8

Urinary System, Nephrons, Dialysis    

Lab Activity Sheets

Great video explain nephron function   10 min

Video explaining peritoneal dialysis    2 min

Video: Lithotripsy Explanation

Video: Lithotripsy Demonstration


Lab 9

Urinalysis, pH, and Intro to Acid Base Balance   

Lab Activity Sheets = none to print.  Instructor will provide.

Good video explaining regulation of acid-base balance   10 min

Lab 10

Regulation of Acid-Base Balance with Buffers, Respiratory Adjsutments, and Renal Adjustments 


Lab Activity Sheets = none to print.  Instructor will provide.

Lab 11

Reproductive Systems, Wk 1 - Male and Female Genitalia    

 Lab Activity Sheets

Orgasms explained

The science of "morning wood" - NPT

How prostate cancer works




Lab 12

Reproductive Systems, Wk 2 - Pregnancy & Childbirth     

Lab Activity Sheets = none

Fertilization to birth in 6 min   

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