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Links to cool stuff for;Lab

*Please let us know which ones you find most useful and which ones you don't. If you find better ones please let us know.

Lab 1 - Body cavities, Abdominopelvic Quadrants, Organs, Membrane Transport, &Directional Terminology

Osmosis, Filtration, Diffusion

Directional terminology

Flash CardsFlash Cards for just about any topic you want. Click on Math & Science, then Anatomy, and then type in the name of any system you want cardiovascular, respiratory, urinary, etc.

Lab 2 - Body Cavities, Serous Membranes, Mesenteries, Organelles, etc.

Body Cavities and terminology

9 Abdominopelvic Regions

Cellular Organelles and Their Functions;song song

Lab 3 -Skin, Synovial Joints, & Arthritis


  • Photos of many anatomical models
  • Scroll up or down to find your topic. Save for future reference. Good for quizzing each other.
  • Synovial Joints (anatomy)

Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, & Gout

Lab 4 - Human Axial Skeleton & Microscopic Bone Anatomy

Microscopic Anatomy of bone>

Lab 5 - Human Appendicular Skeleton

Lab 6Neuron, Spinal Cord, & Meninges       

Spinal Cord Anatomy


Lab 7 - The Human  Brain

Major blood vessels supplying the brain           \ 

Lab 8 - Cranial Nerves I-XII, Pain, & Dissecrtion of Brain               

Pain and Pain Blockage          

 Dissection of the brain   GREAT Video!

Lab 9 - Movements seen at Synovial Joints & Muscles of Torso, Neck, and Face      

Lab 10 - Muscles of the Arms and Legs


Cadaver dissection of forearm and Lab 11 - The Endocrine System - Glands and Hormones




Lab 12 - Human Eye & Ear



Dissection of the eyeball 

eye dissection 



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