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AP2 Labs

Materials Common to all Instructors

Print Lab Activity Sheets & bring to lab weekly. Videos, etc. here may be REQUIRED by your instructor.  Even if not, they are very helpful.

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Lab 1


Blood & Heart

Lab Activity Sheets  [Note:  Your instructor will provide Lab Activity Sheets for the first lab.  Students are expected to print your own for all remaining labs.]

Composition of Blood  12 min

Silent video: path of blood flow with oxygenation changes   1 min

Good description/explanation of Pericardial sac  1 page

The "Circulation Song"   3 min

"Pump Your Blood Song"   3 min

Little girl’s heart beats visibly outside her chest.   2 min each

Heart chambers, valves, and CAD       4 min

Blood Flow (pathway) through the heart , 10 min

Composition of Blood  12 min

Heart Anatomy: chambers, valves, septa, layers, pericardial sac   13 min

Heart Anatomy self quiz

Transporting a Beating Heart for Transplant   8 min


Lab 2

Beat the heat with the Clarion’s Cool Summer Matinee shows

Cardiac Conduction, ECGs, Pacemakers, Fibrillation, & Cardiac Output     

Lab Activity Sheets

Conduction System of Heart  5 min

Electrical System of the Heart   10 min

video on conduction system and pacemakers

How a pacemaker works    2 min

Pacemakers (Single, Dual, & Biventricular) and Defibrillators   3 min

Cardiac Arrhythmias    7 min

video on conduction system

Conducting system and EKG   

Surgery:  Pacemaker Implantation   6 min

video on 'normal sinus rhythm,' sinus bradycardia, and sinus tachycardia

video of an ECG tracing. [It does change about midway and at the end.  Identify the two rhythms by name.


Lab 3

Coronary Vessels, Valves, Heart Sounds, & Dissection   

Lab Activity Sheets

Heart sounds, Normal

Heart sounds, Abnormal 

Plaque, Thrombus, and tPA, 3 min

Atherosclerosis, Plaque, Angina Pectoris, Heart Attack, Cardiac Arrest, Heart Failure,  11 min  [What he identifies as left coronary artery should be left anterior descending.  And, what he calls thrombosis should beembolus.  Otherwise... excellent explanation.]

Acute Myocardial Infarction (AMI) and treatment with tPA, 10 min

Angioplasty and Stent Placement  2 min

Surgery, Aortic Valve Replacement   9 min


Angioplasty with stent,   11 min

Angioplasty and Stent insertion  (9 min)

Surgery on Live Beating Heart   4 min

Angioplasty   5 min

Heart Bypass Surgery   1 min

Heart Sounds Correlated to the Cardiac Cycle  10 min


Lab 4

Vessels, BF, BP, Blood Groups   

Lab Activity Sheets  

Blood vessels anatomy  3 min

Blood Pressure and Stent Placement  8 min

 Overview of BP, BF, PR, and HTN   10 min

Blood Pressure   7 min


Types of Blood Vessels   8 min

Blood Vessels Identification Self Quiz

Overview of blood, clotting, and groups/types  10 min

Lab 5


Digestion, Hepatic Portal System, Blood Glucose, DKA, & Insulin Shock 

Lab Activity Sheets

Surgery, Tonsil Stones   3 min

What Alcohol does to your Liver   2 min

Surgery, Appendectomy   2 min

Surgery, Intraabdominal Cyst, NO WAY!! 10min

Comprehensive Lab Mid-Term (150 points) and Lymphatics

Lab room may have only limited availability this week.  Check with your instructor.

Lab Activity Sheets ("Lab 6 pre")

The Lymphatic System   11 min

Lymphedema explained   7 min

Lab 6

Respiratory System and Lung Dissection  

Lab Activity Sheets

Overview of Respiratory System - by former students  6 min

Overview of Respiratory system    3 min  

Pneumothorax explained and treated by needle decompression   3 min each

Respiratory System, hemoglobin, gas transport, hyperventilation, etc.  11 min

What it’s like living with a trach tube.  (Only first 5 min is necessary)

Surgery, Chest Tube Insertion   5 min,  no audio

Surgery, Lung Tumor Removal   3 min

Asthma Attack  6 min

Awake cricothyrotomy and endotracheal intubation   5 min

Lab 7

Urinary System, Nephrons, Dialysis

Lab Activity Sheets

Overview of Urinary System - by former students   12 min

Nephrology – Glomerular Filtration     15 min

How kidney Stones form  4 min

Dialysis Types  4 min

Crash course in kidneys and nephrons, part 1   11 min

Crash course in urinary system, part 2    10 min

Blood Flow and Nephrons   6 min

Reabsorption in kidney nephrons  3 min

Video: Lithotripsy Demonstration   6 min

Surgery, Kidney Stones removal   3 min

Surgery, Bladder Stones, largest EVER  2 min


 Lab 8

Urinalysis, pH, and Intro to Acid Base Balance   

Lab Activity Sheets

Regulation of acid-base balance   10 min


Lab 9

Regulation of Acid-Base Balance with Buffers, Respiratory Adjustments, and Renal Adjustments 

Lab Activity Sheets

Lab 10

Reproductive Systems, Wk 1 - Male and Female Genitalia    

Lab Activity Sheets

Orgasms explained   3 min

The science of "morning wood" - NPT   2 min

Female reproductive anatomy - by former students   5 min

Endometriosis Explained     5 min

Endometriosis, S&S and Explanation     3 min

Endometrial Biopsy    3 min

Living with Endometriosis – It’s tougher than you may realize    3 min

Surgery, Hysterectomy due to Fibroids   29 min

Surgical Removal of Epidermoid Cyst from Breast  10 min


Surgery, Hysterectomy via da Vinci Robotic   10 min

Endometriosis  6 min

Male reproductive anatomy - by former students    5 min

Prostate Cancer  3 min each

How prostate cancer works   4 min

Lab 11

Reproductive Systems, Wk 2 - Pregnancy & Childbirth     

Lab Activity Sheets

Amniocentesis – What, When, How      6 min

Fertilization/Conception   3 min

Fertilization against all odds  6 min

Fertilization  6 min

Emergency Contraception Options  3 min

Surgery, C-section, 16 min

Surgery, Ectopic Pregnancy   5 min, no audio


Comprehansive Lab Final    150 Points

over labs 6-12 including lymphatics