Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Sheets


Brazosport College offers a wide selection of courses in Biology and Life Sciences, all of which have certain expectations when it comes to writing. You’re mainly going to write factual and technical papers, rather than emotional or narrative driven essays. Knowing what to expect in a class can benefit you and help you get ahead!

Composition & Rhetoric I (ENGL1301)

The goal of English 1301 is for students to become familiar with composing coherent and cohesive essays. These skills will help you for the rest of your life. You may be expected to write essays, conduct research, utilize secondary sources, and read and analyze text for English 1301. English 1301 is also available as an honors course. Honors students are expected to have a little more skill, responsibility, and work ethic in this course.


History is about understanding and interpreting the past and connecting it to the present and the future. These courses are aimed at helping students discuss how significant people and events in the past (such as wars, political parties, and elections) have shaped our world.


The goal of a Humanities class is to look at ideas found in literature, art, and music throughout history; examine the shift in societal values and norms between the eras. It should challenge your own thinking and help you become more aware of your world view.


The goal of writing about literature is to develop a deep understanding of the work, where a student can analyze and think critically about various types of literature.


Sociology studies humans as a group rather than as individuals. The field examines issues at play in societies around the world. Topics discussed in this field include, but are not limited to: religion, education, health care, technology, racism, poverty, social norms, and deviances.

Transitional English (ENGL0410)

The goal of Transitional English is to help you develop the skills you will need for English 1301. Possible types of reading: essays, fiction, nonfiction, novels, GATOR book, historical works, autobiographies, and student essays.