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Tax Information: Form 1098T

Students may access their 1098-T tax form electronically at


How to Access your 1098-T -

Click on Access My Record.

To create your account, you will need to log in using your social security number and last name. 

You will be asked to create a password that requires using 12 alphanumeric characters.


•Re-renter password

•Mothers Maiden name

•Students date of birth (include backslash between month/day/year)


You will then be asked to allow Form 1098-T Electronic Delivery Authorization.

NOTE:  If you are utilizing e-mail blocking you must allow access in order to take advantage of electronic delivery.

Next you will be prompted to:

•Enter an e-mail address (You must provide a current working e-mail address)

•Click on grant consent

•You will be directed to the Electronic Delivery Consent Disclosure Statement

•Click accept


Once you’ve logged into your account at you can access records from the current year or prior years by going to the green box:

•Click select for the year on the drop down box on the left – view my 1098-T tax form. •Click on Access my 1098-T on the left side of the screen. 

•You can right click and print the 1098-T form.

NOTE: If you want to go back to the 1098-T website there is a blue link at the bottom to click on and it will take you back to the homepage.


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