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TSI Assessment

What is the TSI Assessment?

Beginning August 26, 2013 all new degree seeking students will be required to take the new  Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Assessment.  The purpose of the new examination is to assess a student’s academic ability in order to correctly identify the correct course sequence for new students. The TSI Assessment will determine your entry level for the subjects of reading, writing, and math.
The new TSI assessment is better aligned to what is being taught in schools currently and helps to establish statewide guidelines for advising students into college level classes and allows colleges and universities to better tailor advising to individual student needs.

TSI Exemptions

Submit all applicable official transcripts to obtain exemptions.

Dual Credit Waivers


23 - Composite Score with a minimum of:

19 - English Score 
19 - Math Score


435 - English / 431 - Math


107- Combined score (Critical Reading & Math) with a minimum of:

50 - Critical Reading Score
50 - Math Score


460 - EBRW / 510 - Math


  • ALG I^
Level 2, Score of 4000+

* Dual Credit Waivers expire after High School Graduation.
^ High School DC Waivers must also have a passing grade in Algebra II.
~ Mixing or combining scores is NOT allowed.

Steps to Register for the TSI Exam

  1. You must have a student ID number to register. This is obtained by completing the Brazosport College application at
  2. You must complete the free REQUIRED Pre-Assessment Activity.
  3. Choose your TSI Date.
  4. To register for the TSI test you will need to pay $29 for the test on-campus in the Counseling & Testing Department (Free for all Sophomore, Junior, and Seniors until Spring semester Dual Credit students ONLY). We do not offer registration and online payment at this time.

PLEASE NOTE: You will NOT be permitted to test until the Pre-Assessment Activity is complete.

Additional Study Resources

  • Receive free one-on-one tutoring in the Student Success Center.
  • Access online resources for studying math portions of the TSI Exam at!
    (To access this resource, you'll need to visit the link, go to the top of the page that opens and click the "College" link. Then, click on "TSI Math Prep".
  • Need help with Algebra? We have resources to help you beef up your skills. We suggest creating an account and logging into access to take advantage of our Algebra Modules.
  • Want practice questions? Download printable TSI study questions.
  • Get help writing essays for the writing portions by using the WritingPlacer Guide loaded with Sam Essay Questions and more!
  • Study for the TSI with a free TSI Assessment Study guide. Visit the link, create an account to get started today.

Understanding my TSI Results

You may enroll in college-level courses with the following scores:

  • Reading: 351 - 390
  • Writing: Writing Placement score of a 340 or higher with a WritePlacer (Essay) score of 4 OR ABE 4 or greater and Essay 5 or greater
  • Math: 350 - 390

You can also visit with a counselor to better understand your scores. Before you enroll, we strongly recommend you meet with a counselor or an advisor to build your class schedule.

If you are college ready in all areas, you will need to visit with an academic advisor to review your results, please have your Score Report available. This is required for ALL new Brazosport College Students.

Your essay has been pulled for scoring by a human grader, which usually takes about 4 hours. Please see the Counseling and Testing Department to retrieve your score. Test scores will not be provided over the phone; you will need to come in with a photo ID to receive your score.

If you are not college-level ready, you may schedule a retest date with the Counseling & Testing Department.

Unfortunately, BC does not send your TSI scores. Your future institution can retrieve your scores through a database called "Cross-Institutional Reporting." Check their TSI Testing website for instructions. However, if you have taken BC courses your official TSI scores will be on your BC transcript.

Yes, you will need to meet with an Academic Advisor to discuss appropriate courses that you may enroll in.

Yes! Discover majors and in-demand careers and education based on your interests through, Career Coach. This is a free online resource that includes interest assessments to help you identify and research your options. Start exploring your future at Students are encouraged to meet with an Academic Advisor to discuss possible majors.

Special Accommodations

Special Accommodations for the TSI test are available and should be requested as early as possible for consideration.

For additional information on special accommodations visit Disability Services or contact the Counseling and Testing office (979) 230-3236.

Contact Us

Corrina Bickham
Senior Administrative Office Assistant
Assessment Center

Arnold Ramirez
Director of Counseling and Testing

Veva Zamora
Administrative Office Specialist

Bre Mottu
Senior Administrative Office Assistant

Counseling & Testing

Assessment Center Hours

8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

8 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Releasing TSI Scores to BC

The Assessment Center (E129A/E129D) is a Gun Free Zone.

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