Board Workshop-t-Regents 2021

BC Regents discuss strategies, goals at annual board workshop

BC Regents discuss strategies, goals at annual board workshop

Mon Feb 8, 2021

Board Workshop-Regents 2021

Brazosport College President Dr. Millicent Valek and members of the Board of Regents pose for a photo during the Board of Regents Workshop at the College’s Corporate Learning Center. Pictured are, from left, Ronald Barksdale, Vice Board Chair Robert Perryman, Daniel Yates, Dr. Millicent Valek, Jennifer Monical and Jason Cordoba. Regents not pictured are Jay Gibson, Roland Hendricks, Board Chair Carolyn Johnson and Steven Solis.

Brazosport College’s Board of Regents recently held its annual board workshop both in-person at the College’s Corporate Learning Center and virtually.

The two-day event consisted of professional development workshop sessions on Feb. 5 and a special board meeting on Feb. 6. The professional development sessions were delivered in a hybrid model, which allowed the Regents and staff to choose between in-person and remote participation. The special board meeting was held remotely.

Among the topics covered were the College’s Vision 2025 Strategic Plan; a report on strategies and measurable objectives; a report on the President’s Leadership Goals; a 10-year financial forecast; and a reaffirmation of the College’s Mission, Vision and Core Values, among other items.

During the professional development sessions, the College Law Enforcement Academy led the Regents through a lab simulator experience, which provided an interactive glimpse of the training used in the College classes.

Additionally, the Regents participated in a special board game that outlined the student experience at Brazosport College, highlighting the successes and obstacles students can encounter throughout their journey at Brazosport College. The game also demonstrated various resources the College provides that can help students overcome many of these obstacles.

To learn more about Brazosport College or the topics covered in the Board Workshop, call (979) 230-3000.