Spring II provides another opportunity to enroll for classes

Spring II provides another opportunity to enroll for classes

Fri Jan 22, 2021

Spring classes are underway, but plenty of opportunities remain for students looking to take classes at Brazosport College.

In an effort to meet student needs, Brazosport College is offering several academic courses in its Spring II eight-week semester. Spring II registration is ongoing through March 5, with classes beginning March 15. Courses run for eight weeks and end at the same time as the regular 16-week Spring semester.

Many high-demand classes are available in Spring II, including courses in English, Math, History, Biology, Government, Learning Frameworks and more.

Spring II is a perfect option for many students, including those who missed the registration deadline for the 16-week Spring semester, Bachelor of Applied Technology students who need to complete core classes, and those at other colleges looking to add an additional online course, among other possibilities.

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