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Freeport student finds needed support in Brazosport College services

Freeport student finds needed support in Brazosport College services

Thu Jul 21, 2022

Stephanie Reyes

Stephanie Reyes understands the importance of a strong support system.

Coming from a low-income family of seven, Stephanie doesn’t have the financial advantages others might have. However, her parents have always remained steadfast on a belief of the importance of a quality education. After Stephanie graduated from Brazosport High School in 2020, there was no question that college was in her future.

“Although my parents couldn’t provide me with the financial support they wanted, they did provide me the encouragement I needed to push through and continue with my education,” Stephanie said. “They also helped me to reach out to the Financial Aid department at Brazosport College, which provided me the financial assistance I needed.”

This is where Stephanie found another support system: Brazosport College.

Through the BC Financial Aid department, Stephanie has received several scholarships to help her pay for her schooling while at BC.

“One of my goals is to obtain a bachelor’s degree, and I wanted to start at Brazosport College because of the support I can receive here,” Stephanie said. “To know there are people willing to financially help me with my education drives me to continue with my education. I don’t want to let them down.”

Stephanie has found continuous assistance in various ways throughout the college, be it receiving tutoring for classes, getting one-on-one counseling advice or even requiring immediate help from the school’s Information Technology (IT) department.

“All of the classes went online when the pandemic started, and I didn’t have Internet in my house,” she said. “The IT department set me up with a hotspot for my house, which allowed me to continue my education during the pandemic. That was a big help.”

But it still doesn’t end there.

“The college has so many resources and they’re here with open doors to help in any way,” Stephanie said. “If you need help writing an essay or if you need help in math, there are the writing and math centers. If you need resume assistance, you can go to the Career Center. You can even go to Gator Mart if you need help with groceries.”

Possibly Stephanie’s biggest supporters, however, have been her professors.

“Because the classes are smaller, I feel the professors care much more about you as a person,” she said. “They want you to pass and continue your education.”

Stephanie recently earned her Associate of Science, becoming the third of her family’s siblings to acquire a degree from Brazosport College. Her older sister graduated from the nursing program, while her older brother has a process technology degree.

Next up, she plans to apply for the UTMB School of Nursing program in Galveston to continue her journey toward becoming a nurse.

She’s ready for that next step, but she’ll never forget the support she received from Brazosport College.

“It’s not the end, but it’s the beginning of my new educational journey toward my bachelor’s degree,” Stephanie said. “Brazosport College has prepared me to attend a university and I’m thankful for the help and encouragement I’ve received.”