Stop That Cryin'-t

BC Art Gallery featuring the printmaking art of Terry Davis

BC Art Gallery featuring the printmaking art of Terry Davis

Thu Oct 21, 2021

Stop That Cryin'

The Brazosport College Art Gallery is pleased to highlight the talents of Terry Kolb Davis in the gallery’s newest show, “Stop That Cryin’.”

The show is currently open and will run through November 23.

The work in “Stop That Cryin’” is a nonlinear, autobiographical narrative of the artist’s experiences with male sex stereotypes. It’s a deconstruction of the traditional American concepts that define masculinity. In this work, the performative nature of the male sex role and its defined stereotypes are openly questioned. This often manifests in the appropriation of images from the western genre of filmmaking, as well as the reimagining of iconic film stars and other relevant symbols. Davis believes that masculinity is fluid and ever-changing, and his fine art practice is a means to encourage an active dialogue of the subject.

It’s influenced by a relatively unknown book, “The 49 percent majority: The Male Sex Role,” which separates male sex stereotypes into four categories: No Sissy Stuff, The Big Wheel, The Sturdy Oak and Give ’Em Hell.

Davis was born and raised in America’s Heartland, a cultural region of the United States that is often associated with mainstream, conservative political and religious ideology. In 2020, he received an M.F.A. in Printmaking from Ohio University and a Visual Arts Management Certificate. He received his B.F.A. from Southeast Missouri State University in 2017.

Davis is currently employed at the School of Art + Design at the University of North Texas as an adjunct instructor in the Department of Studio Art, where he teaches courses in printmaking and foundations. Davis uses the artistic process of printmaking, and its related concepts (the matrix, the multiple, image simplification, etc.) to direct the ideas of his creative process.

The Brazosport College Art Gallery is in Room B.126 on the Brazosport College Main Campus. To learn more about “Stop That Cryin’” or the Brazosport College Department of Art, e-mail