BC Honors Program offers advantages for high-quality students

BC Honors Program offers advantages for high-quality students

Fri Aug 7, 2020

Brazosport College has the perfect option for high-achieving students looking to take their education to the next level: Consider signing up for BC’s Honors Program.

Through the Honors Program, students will not only gain valuable skillsets that will help them at a university or a in a career, they will also be able to potentially earn a variety of academic and financial benefits.

“Earning honors credit has many advantages for our students,” said BC Honors Director Carrie Pritchett. “It prepares students for upper-division college work by providing research, critical-thinking and presentation skills that you wouldn’t get outside the Honors environment.

“It’s also good for workforce students,” Pritchett added. “It helps with future employment because you will learn skills that will enhance your resume. You will be able to further research areas in your field of study that might not be covered in the curriculum.”

Honors credit can be earned through enrollment in Honors-designated courses or by doing advanced work in a regularly scheduled course through individual instructor-student contracts.

Obviously, being involved in the Honors Program improves one’s educational experience. The perks don’t end there, however.

“Honors credit can go on transcripts and resumes, but you can also apply for Honors scholarships,” Pritchett said. “Honors students are also among the first students allowed to register during Priority Registration.”

One of the biggest perks, however, is being noted as an Honors Scholar at BC’s Commencement Ceremony.

“If you earn at least 12 hours of honors work, you can be recognized as an Honors graduate at Commencement,” Pritchett said. “It’s a great accomplishment to be an Honors Scholar. It’s an opportunity to enhance your overall college experience.

“Honors classes provide skills that will serve you as a lifelong learner, no matter your educational path,” she added. “These are skills you will always need throughout your life and career.”

To learn more about Brazosport College’s Honors Program, email carrie.pritchett@brazosport.edu or visit brazosport.edu/programs/academics/honors.