Ace it Rise

BC’s ACE it program to be expanded for local dual credit students

BC’s ACE it program to be expanded for local dual credit students

Fri Oct 16, 2020

Since 2017, Brazosport College’s ACE it program has used a structured and collaborative mentoring relationship to successfully assist students in developing their education and career goals.

Now, the innovative program is being introduced to dual credit students.

Beginning this Fall semester, Brazosport College is expanding its successful ACE it program into Angleton, Brazosport, Brazoswood, Columbia and Sweeny high schools, Brazosport Christian School, Angleton Christian School, Foundation Prep Academy and homeschool.

Titled Ace it Rise, the program will be exclusively for dual credit students and schools will have dedicated ACE it Rise coaches. ACE it Rise coaches will work one-on-one with dual credit students to create a plan to reach their academic and career goals.

Eligible dual credit students will have earned a minimum of 15 college credit hours and must be enrolled in the current semester.

“Research shows that an early start in college increases the chances of students meeting their educational goals post-high school,” said Priscilla Sanchez, Brazosport College Dean, School and College Partnerships. “In connecting ACE it Rise coaches with dual credit students we strengthen the likelihood for success by insuring dual credit students have a tangible plan to reach their goals.”

ACE it Rise coaches will be in addition to the shared college counselors already located at high schools. While shared counselors educate and monitor students about college pathways, admissions, requirements and progress, ACE it Rise coaches will assist with career identification and college educational plan development. ACE it Rise coaches will also work with students to plan post-high school goals.

Current ACE it Rise coaches include:

  • Angela Tidwell, Angleton High School;
  • Holly Husain, Brazosport High School;
  • Missy Link & Kristyn Vest, Brazoswood High School;
  • Stephanie Kopecky, Columbia & Sweeny high schools.

ACE it Rise was created to meet the requirements of Senate Bills 25 and 1324 from the 86th session of the Texas legislature, which requires dual credit students at Texas community colleges to meet with an advisor upon earning 15 college credit hours, as well as to help students develop educational plans that aids in the completion of their certificates, degrees and/or prepare them for transfer to any institution of higher education.

By developing an educational plan, students decrease the likelihood of taking extra courses. Students also save financially, since they are not taking extra courses. Finally, developing a plan increases the likelihood of students completing their educational and career goals with expert advice and guidance.

For more information about the new ACE it Rise program, call (979) 230-3166 or email