Jumpstart-Office Admin 2021

BC’s Jumpstart program honors office administration graduates

BC’s Jumpstart program honors office administration graduates

Thu May 27, 2021

Brazosport College recently graduated 13 students from its Spring semester Accelerate Texas IV office administration Jumpstart program.

The students were honored with an outdoor drive-thru graduation that provided an opportunity for students to receive their certificates in person.

Office administration graduates included Marisa Barron, Erica Filippi, Angela Gamez, Clarissa Johnican, Amelinda McMillan, Crystal Lamb, Alma Perez, Daytona Roney, Viviana Quintana, Lillien Smith, Natalie Solis, Breana Wied and Tiffany Williams. Spring 2020 semester office administration graduates Athenna Newton and Diana Lopez were also recognized at the ceremony.

Brazosport College’s Jumpstart program held its graduation for pipefitters and electricians on April 15.

Jumpstart will not have a class during the Summer semester. Information regarding a Fall 2021 session will be available soon. Updates can be found on the Jumpstart webpage at www.brazosport.edu/jumpstart. 

For more information about Brazosport College’s Jumpstart program, visit www.brazosport.edu/jumpstart or email Art Longoria at art.longoria@brazosport.edu.