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Local author and BC employee set to release ninth novel on May 7

Local author and BC employee set to release ninth novel on May 7

Tue May 4, 2021

Ammar Habib-Orphans

Brazosport College has played a big role in Ammar Habib’s life. Not only did he earn a Bachelor of Applied Technology degree from BC, he’s also been employed by the College, first as a tutor and now as an ACE it staff member.

However, as many already know, Habib’s work at BC tells only a small part of his story.

Since 2014, Habib has written and published eight novels. Six of those were solo efforts, while two others were penned with co-authors. No doubt, writing an average of more than one book a year is quite a feat.

“I was 7 years old when I decided I wanted to be a writer,” Habib said. “I wrote short stories through middle school and high school and began writing novels in college. I have a real passion for it and it’s going well for me. I want to keep pushing forward with it.”

Now, Habib is preparing for the release of his ninth book, “The Orphans of Kashmir,” which will be released on May 7.

For this novel, Habib returns to the historical fiction genre with a coming-of-age story set in the backdrop of the South Asian region known today as Jammu and Kashmir. Although the main character and his story are fictional, the book is based around real events that were happening in the Kashmir Valley in 2004.

One of Habib’s goals with this book is to put a spotlight on the human rights injustices the Muslims living in Kashmir have suffered at the hands of the Indian government.

At the same time, he is quick to admit that this story is not about politics.

“’The Orphans of Kashmir’ is meant to bring more awareness to what’s going on in that region,” Habib said. “It’s similar to a book I wrote a couple of years ago about the Syrian Civil War, ‘The Heart of Aleppo.’ That book wasn’t about the politics of war, but rather, it was about the human aspect. It’s about the unbreakable spirit of humanity.”

While it seems as if Habib writes his novels quickly, most of his stories actually take years of work. For example, he started research for “The Orphans of Kashmir” back in 2018 while he was completing the writing and publication process on other books.

“Normally I’m researching and writing the first draft of a book while another is in the marketing frame and preparing for release,” he said. “I’ve kind of streamlined my process.”

At the same time, Habib takes pride in his research and never rushes the process.

“Accuracy is of extreme importance,” he said. “Out of respect for the people involved in the real events, you want to make sure you’re accurate. All the details — the clothing, the festivals, the culture — need to be presented properly.

“The more details that are in the story, the more the reader will become immersed in the story,” he added.

Through his nine books, one of the unique aspects of Habib’s writing has been his versatility. His stories have dipped into a variety of genres, from crime and mystery to action and adventure, as well as a biography and a couple of historical fiction novels. Currently, he’s even working on the manuscript for a children’s picture book.

“I always focus on the theme and the message of the book more than the genre,” Habib said. “That’s the most important thing to me.”

With a schedule that includes a job assisting BC students during the day and constant writing in the evening, Habib admits he has very little free time. However, he wouldn’t have it any other way. In fact, he believes that Brazosport College is a perfect compliment to his writing career.

“Brazosport College is a family,” he said. “You know everyone and everyone knows you. The College has always been supportive of my writing career, first as a student and now as an employee. I’ve always enjoyed our college and have appreciated all of the support I’ve received.”

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