Dual Credit Graduates

Local dual credit students earn high accolades from Brazosport College

Local dual credit students earn high accolades from Brazosport College

Wed Jun 3, 2020

Brazosport College enrolls hundreds of dual credit students each year, with a high majority of students using it to get a head start on college. For students on a fast-track, however, dual credit is the path to earning an associate degree while still in high school.

Although a challenge, high school students prove every year that it’s possible to complete the general requirements — which include 60 credit hours — for an associate degree from Brazosport College. In order to achieve this, students start taking college courses their sophomore year of high school. Even more impressive, they do this along with their required high school courses.

Brazosport College congratulates the 10 dual credit students who have earned associate degrees this year. They are not only in their high school’s graduating class, but they’re also members of Brazosport College’s Class of 2020.

These students are spread out throughout Brazoria County high schools, including four from Brazoswood, two from Brazosport and Columbia, and one each from Angleton and Sweeny. These students include: 

  • Aurora Goodrum, Angleton, Associate of Science
  • Samantha Garcia, Brazosport, Associate of Science
  • Destini Turner, Brazosport, Associate of Arts in Teaching
  • Cecilia Espinoza, Brazoswood, Associate of Science
  • Emiley Goodrich, Brazoswood, Associate of Science
  • Anaka Kent, Brazoswood, Associate of Science
  • Elena Lerma, Brazoswood, Associate of Science
  • Naidely Alvarez, Columbia, Associate of Science
  • Valery Harris, Columbia, Associate of Science
  • Matthew Brown, Sweeny, Associate of Science

In addition to the associate degree graduates, Brazosport College also wishes to recognize 10 additional dual credit students that completed their 42-hour Core Curriculum Certificates, which makes them fully transfer-ready for another public higher education institution in Texas.

These students include six from Angleton High School, two from Brazoswood, one from Sweeny, and one homeschooled student. These students include: 

  • John Brockman, Angleton
  • Scott Layman, Angleton
  • Taylor Lloyd, Angleton
  • Skylar Riggs, Angleton
  • Carolynn Stallman, Angleton
  • Abigail Timmins, Angleton
  • Jocelyn Aguilar, Brazoswood
  • Bailey Roemer, Brazoswood
  • Harmony Hysten, Sweeny
  • Caris Theriot, Homeschool

For more information about Brazosport College’s dual credit program, visit www.brazosport.edu/dualcredit/.