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BC student discovers future career through drafting course

BC student discovers future career through drafting course

Tue Jul 2, 2019

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When Jessica Trevino first stepped onto the campus of Brazosport College she wasn’t sure exactly where she wanted to go with her education. A few short years later, she had an associate degree, a pathway for success and the skills needed to begin a career in a field she enjoys.

“For me, it was fate,” Trevino said of making the decision to attend Brazosport College. “I came to BC wanting to go toward graphic design, but ended up taking a drafting design course. I really enjoyed the technical part of drafting so I stuck with it, and it turned out to be a great passion for me.”

Trevino went on to earn an Associate of Applied Science in Drafting Technology and was hired as a contractor under Burrow Global Services at BASF soon after graduation. Now, nearly three years later, she continues her career at as an I/E Draftsman.

“In all honesty, I didn’t know this degree was available until I got into the classes and saw the software and all the potential it had,” she said.

For Trevino, a 2013 graduate of Brazoswood High School, finding a career within local industry shouldn’t have come as too much of a surprise. After all, she admits to growing up in an “industry family,” as her father and a few siblings all work for local plants.

More importantly, however, she comes from a family that has provided plenty of support toward her career of choice.

“My mom taught me that I should do whatever I want to do and no matter what I decide to do, I’ll still make a difference,” Trevino said with a smile. “As for my dad, he taught me how to work hard.

“As for working in industry, it’s what I knew growing up,” she added. “A lot of families in this area have people that are associated with the chemical plants. I didn’t go into it thinking this is a ‘man’s job,’ or anything like that. I went into it knowing that I’m good at this and I’m going to try my hardest to do a good job.”

The drafting field is also one that more women should look into, Trevino said.

“I’ve seen more and more women — younger women — pursuing this degree,” she said. “It’s inspiring to see so many people out there in non-traditional occupations. There are a lot of opportunities out there.”

However, she does admit it takes a lot of hard work, and she is quick to point out that Brazosport College played a large role in her success.

“When deciding on college, I knew I didn’t want to have any student loans,” Trevino said of choosing Brazosport College. “We have a large family, and I didn’t want to be a financial burden on my parents. It turned out to be an amazing experience and it was a blessing to come here.

“Admittedly, I wasn’t always the best student and I struggled at times,” she continued. “But my instructors helped pull me through. They kept me focused on what was important: Getting my degree and pursuing my passion.”

Today, the 24-year-old Trevino is excited about her future. She has a degree in a field she loves and, in turn, has turned that into a career with plenty of long-term potential. She’s even considering the possibility of returning to Brazosport College to work on another degree, which would increase her earning possibilities even more.

“As you make your way up the ladder, your value goes up,” she said. “With drafting, you can be flexible. I’m really grateful I got that degree.

“I’m proud of myself,” she added. “I’m one of the first of my siblings and friends to a have a degree, and almost immediately get a job and establish myself in that field. It’s been a wild ride to get here, but it’s been fantastic and a huge blessing.”